Saturday, November 5, 2011


I thought I had better do a post for Clark, Brad, Laurel, Michelle, Grandpa Hatch, and for those of you who would go to Neal's game if you were around. I guess this is also for those who love my Nealster .

Yep, the team is Cardston Cougars, and yes, their colors are blue and white just like BYU. With the Cardston Temple literally across the street you could guess that the church is pretty big here in these parts.

Watch for #12

#12 is the second guy from the back.

# 12 is at the net on the right.

#12 is clapping because, well, Cardston got the point.

Hey Brad, did you know that you were #12 when you were on the NP team your senior year? Yah, and Neal uses your knee pads too.

PS Mark just informed me that he had #12 on his High School jersey for basketball.


Marilou said...

First of all.....that little camera of yours takes very sweet pictures!!
And second of got some really good shots of Neal. He has Brad's knee pads from HS? K. Now, that's really neat.
Oh, and thirdly.....I like watching the VB games with you while watching your Nealster!

Hope he makes the BB team so I can watch Neal play more. Go Neal!!

Kaylynn said...

I was totally thinking the same thing about your camera. Mine (I mean Jill's doesn't take good inside pictures). Go lucky #12

Laurel Lee Cahoon said...

goooooo neal! your photos dolook really really great! thanks for the update

Dixie Dee said...

Ditto on the Great camera! Good eye deciding what should be in the frame! I couldn't see any other players than #12, Good job Neal! I too am hoping that Neal gets to play BB, fun to watch games with someone you know!!
Awesome Header picture, can't wait for summer to return!! :)