Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mrs. Michelle Bledsoe Turns Twenty Two

My Michelle is 22 years old today!
I posted a few pictures of Michelle and Jordan because after
all, this could be her happiest birthday of them all, you know, being married an all:)

Happy Birthday Michelle!  
We love you lots!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Utah with an Iphone

We made a fairly quick and unexpected trip to Salt Lake City last weekend.  We found out on Sunday, November 4 that Kody and Lindsay were going to be sealed on Saturday, November 10, instead of February. Yep, they pulled off a wedding in 6 days.  It can be done. It was great timing for Neal and for Mark.  Neal had three days off from school and the forecast for home was for snow so Roof Time shut down. Can I get a BIG FAT Hallelujah?  

The weather in Salt Lake on Thursday afternoon was so very nice as you can see.

Michelle works at Deseret Book right across the street from Temple Square.  Just doing some shopping for Laurel. (Michelle and her mom and dad get 25% off purchases)

I have to say that I love Salt Lake City.  It snowed for three days, but it was so lovely.   

The view from Kody and Lindsay's reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Sweet yah? 

 Elder Nelson is Lindsay's grandpa.  He was at the family dinner, the reception and of course, performed the sealing.

Just having a moment with Elder Nelson.  He and my father were in Samoa years ago for an event so I was just asking Elder Nelson about it.

 Kody and Lindsay Wood.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Summer is over.
Fall is here.
And there is a lot of snow.
  I found some some bear pics from this summer and even one from quite a few summers ago so I thought I would do a "bear" post to remind me of the warm weather we had this summer. 
You don't see bears in the winter.
They hibernate.

 This picture was taken early this summer in Waterton from my car.  

 This is just not any little hill in Beazer. Something really cool is on the back side of this little hill.

 I am now on the top of this neat little hill. Just this side of those two pine trees on the right is a rare discovery.  Neal showed us this sweet spot that only some humans know about.

 A bear den.  No kidding. A real live bear den!

 Neal is not even all the way in yet.  It is deep and then opens up to a a pretty cool pocket underneath the ridge. 

 Isn't Lou Lou scary?  RRrrrrrrrrr Roarrrrrr!!!!!

 I'm either on my way out or on my way in.  I did not go head first like Neal did, but I did scoot back until my feet touched the other end.  The den is probably 8 feet deep maybe? 

 I took this picture in 2006 or 2007 from my car.  I mean really, are you kidding me,  this guy has his back turned on a bear?  

This picture was taken on Bear's Hump, a popular hike in Waterton. 
This is the top of Bear's Hump looking down into the townsite.
And to add one last bear photo.   
Bear tracks at Mark's new favorite fishing hole.
I can't tell you where it is because there is one huge trout in there that got away from Mark this summer.  
It broke his line.
That's ok.
One more season just makes that trout one year bigger!


Friday, September 28, 2012

September Round-Up 2012

Ok, our September weather has been SPECTACULAR!.  With the summers being short I have decided to tack on the month of September as a summer month.  It seems that September always gets pushed to the fall season when in reality, fall does not start until the end of September. SO for me, summer ended last Saturday. 
Anyway, yesterday could not have been a nicer day.  The morning air was a bit crisp, but clear and beautiful just the same.  
It was "round-up time" at the community pasture.  You can read about last year's round-up here
but to read about yesterday all you have to do is keeping reading.

 I don't know how many people were here, but by the looks of all the trucks and trailers, there were a lot. The more the merrier right? When you have over 1000 cattle to gather in 4 days you needs lots and lots of riders. 
See Old Chief peering out from behind the hills? 

 More trucks and trailers. The corrals are to the right in the back ground. 
Very important part of gathering.

 Yah, I know. SUPER LUCKY! 
You can't beat the fall colors when the leaves begin to change. 
See Old Chief again?
 You know I am here right cuz you can see Downey's ear-lies.
I like this picture with the riders in the fore ground and back ground along with the cattle waiting to be brought down to the corrals. 

 There is a very important conversation going on here. We met up with a few riders who had a couple of stories to tell us.  
#1 A couple of riders were chased by a bear.  Yah, CHASED BY A GRIZZLY BEAR and they lived to tell the story. That means they are real cowboys in my book.
#2 A wolf kill. Wolves are known to hunt a cow, get it tired by chasing it and then they eat them.  It's a sad situation.
UPDATE: It was a bear kill.  The official word came in this afternoon. 

 And here it is.  This side of the cow looks just fine right?  The other side, not so good.  I won't post that picture. It's gross. 

  When you have wolf kill, you need to bring in Fish and Wildlife so they can declare it a wolf kill and then the owners of the cow are reimbursed because this is the lively hood for many of these ranchers.   

 If you are a child of of say, the president of the Community Association, you can skip school and come to the round-up.  How great is that?  Madison is a lucky girl. And there is Speedy in the middle talking to Neil. He was the brave cowboy who was chased by the bear.  I need to get the details of that adventure.

 Just me and Downey enjoying the ride together.

 See the men in there separating the cattle?  
You need to make sure everybody takes home their own cattle.

And that is the low down on the 2012 Cattle Round-Up. 
Thanks to Dixie for providing ALL of my horse adventures.  
And Brad?  We missed you. Next year!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Neal!

It's hard to believe it was 17 years ago!
Neal is 17?
Neal is 17!







Modeling for his mom. He is a good boy :)
BTW Neal is wearing his great grandpa Hatch's spurs. 


 Neal had a great job this summer working as a ranch-hand for a friend who raises cattle and horses and with that comes farming.  Neal did everything from baling to riding horses to killing lots and lots of burdock(weeds) to riding bobcats. Here Neal is cleaning out the bull shed which he loved. He is pretty handy with machinery. 
 It's last years junk if you know what I mean. Not the bobcat, the junk that Neal is hauling out. 

Rock has a horse sale every year and Neal is helping bring in some of them so they can be photographed for the catalog. 

 Neal had to wear boots and wranglers and a cowboy hat for this catalog picture to be legit. 

Happy Birthday Neal.  
Our family would not be same without YOU!
We love you!