Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 Pt 1

Christmas is over and the kids are gone. Just like that! The good thing is that they will all be back in mid February when Laurel has her mission farewell, and then the week that she enters the MTC, Neal has the week off of school so we can spend the whole week in Utah with kids and have more fun.

Here is a quick run down of some of our holiday time together.

Notice the roof? Mark can't help himself when it comes to any kind of roof. He has to be in on the action. Neccos make perfect shingles.

Laurel and Michelle having fun before the ward Christmas party.

And the boys doing the same.

We love our family stockings for two reasons.
1) my mother knit them all. Mine is, of course, 51 years old
2) they stretch, which is very important when Santa fills them.

Lou Lou's family came for Christmas Eve dinner.
Love when that happens!

A Christmas morning tradition that our family enjoys is having homemade cinnamon rolls. So so yummy!

Our "crazy" family picture. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it does add to the weirdness for sure.

Maybe you have heard that we have no snow. We drove to Waterton hoping to find a hill to sled down, but it didn't happen. Not to say that it wasn't cold though. A frozen waterfall.

It has been a fairly windy winter and this is what happens when the wind blows. The snow blows away.

Cold and windy!

Windy and cold!


Marilou said...

I completely love that last picture!! And I completely love this post.

Dixie Dee said...

Like the last picture too! Actually, all the pictures are great, Looks like a good time had by all!! Fun family photo too, good on ya!!

Christie said...

Beautiful decorations and georgeous tree! I love, love, love that last picture. Your family is so cute!