Sunday, February 26, 2012

Farewell Week (part 1)

All the kids came up for Laurel's farewell last weekend and it was so fun, as usual. Have I mentioned that I love it when all the kids are home at the same time? It was nice to finally meet Jordan too, even if it was at 3am. It kind of feels like Christmas morning when the kids roll in so late/early. I was asleep of course, and then I heard something, so I listened closer and realized it was them, "the kids are home". Yep, so the first time meeting Michelle's fiance' was three in morning in my jammies with no makeup on and my hair in a pony.

These back seat photos are some of my favorites. We are on our way to, or is it coming home from Waterton.

I know it doesn't look like it, but it was windy and it was coooolllldddddd.

This is Brad ice sliding and Neal is making a run for it.

Neal took these next two photos. One is focused on the chunk of ice while the other one is focused on the mountain. (do you see the face in the ice?)

We also did a little gopher hunting. This is Jordan trying his hand. We were all taking turns shooting at the same gopher. I'm not sure who finally got it, but we had fun trying. You know what a happy day it is when you finally see a gopher? Ahh, spring is right around the corner!

Look at all my boys watching a basketball game.

Jordan was very nice to play ping pong with Neal all weekend long. And I mean, all. weekend. long!

Cooking. Laurel is making her Thai dish that we all love. She doesn't even use a recipe anymore, that's how good she is and it was delish! It was nice to have Kelly stay a night so the cousins could hang out.

We had a little family/friend lunch after her farewell talk on Sunday. It was nice that Grandma Cahoon could come. Laurel really loves her Grandma Cahoon, in fact, all of the grandkids do.

And here she is. Hermana Cahoon. Our Stake President took this photo of us just after she was set apart as a missionary. Look how even steven Jordan makes this photo look. 4 and 4. Love it!

Next post will be our trip to Utah......

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


On Sunday, Neal (Mark is out of town) and I decided to go for a drive into Waterton. The weather was spectacular last week so we decided that good weather = a Sunday drive.

I love how the sun is shining a goldy/orange on the mountain tops and this reflection? It just does not happen very often here! Waterton and wind kinda go together.

Just me and my boy :)

Neal's favorite picture. I sure wished I had brought my camera.
Phones work.

If you look close you can see the moon.
Neal and I had a good afternoon hanging out, delivering cookies, and visiting with some of our favorite people here in Leavitt. It was a good day!