Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twin Trip

I had a pretty sweet trip trip to Utah about a week ago. Lou Lou's daughter Kelly moved to SLC so I tagged along!
Here's a little of what we did.....

Don't mind me. I'm just posing a silly pose for no apparent reason. And no, I am not showing off my muscles. Lou Lou is the one with the biceps.

The highlight was visiting daddy in St. George. He says that when Lou Lou and I are together it's like we are 16 years old again. I'm not super sure what that means, but 16's good. I'll take it. We did a little sight seeing in Santa Clara where we took a tour of Jacob Hamblin's house which was interesting He was quite the man and one of his wives' was actually a distant relative on Mark's side.

This is a monument that is right off the side of the road across from the place where Fort Santa Clara once stood. There is Hatch history at Fort Santa Clara. (see below)

See the name Ira Hatch? He is the brother of Orin Hatch, who we come from. Now, I bet you are thinking to yourself, " are you related to Senator Orin Hatch?" Yes, but it's pretty far back.

Just a little history of Fort Santa Clara.

While in SLC we went to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. If you have never been there, it is worth a trip. This is a picture of the Mormon Battalion that Orin Hatch and his brother, Meltiah was in. He is my 4th great grandpa. He's there somewhere....

"Upon their expulsion from Nauvoo, in the early spring of 1846, this family (Ira Stearns Hatch, Orin's father) made their camp at Bonary Lake on the Missouri River, at which place the eldest son Meletiah, age 21 and Orin, age 16 and 2 months, were enlisted in Company C of the Mormon Battalion. Although Orin was so young, in fact the youngest member of that organization, he was large in stature and so passed muster.
During their enlistment in the Battalion, these two brothers were inseparable, so when Orin became so ill with scurvy that it was necessary for him to walk supported between two companions, Meletiah was by his side, and when he was twice left to die, in obedience to the Commanding Officer's order, Meletiah went back and carried him into camp when the Battalion had stopped for the night. Finally the officer relented and Orin was taken with the company, strapped to the back of the horse of this same officer.
Upon reaching San Diego, Orin was one of the five men selected to go into the timbers to secure the pole upon which the first American Flag was flown in the newly acquired territory."

The Cahoon they are mentioning on this paper above is John P. Cahoon. His dad was Andrew Cahoon, brother of William Farrington Cahoon, who are sons of Reynolds Cahoon. Mark comes from William Farrington Cahoon. John P. Cahoon ran the Salt Lake Pressed Brick Company in Salt Lake for many years. He also built a Victorian Style home in Murray, Utah which still stands. It has been renovated and is used as a reception area.

We also stopped to visit our mother in Santaquin. Our tradition is to go to the Family Tree Restaraunt in Santaquin, buy a HUGE scone complete with honey butter and then take it to the cemetery to eat and visit awhile.

Love them and love hanging out with them.

The Blue Lemon across from Temple Square.

You do not see green hooved horses in Leavitt. Not a chance!

We missed the opening of City Creek by a few days. Kelly interviewed on Tuesday afternoon and was hired for a hostess at 5:00 pm. and started the next day. She is working at Sixth & Pine in Nordstrom and loves it.

Last minute decision to run a 5k and I'm glad I did.
My time was not an improvement from my last 5k, but it was fun running with Brad and Alyssa.

Kind of itching to go back :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Fun

So, Lou Lou and I have this friend, her name is Dixie, and she always shows us a good time on her ranch. She has cattle, and horses, and gophers! I have been thinking that maybe I have posted all the pictures I can of cattle, horses, and gopher experiences, but you know what, something was a bit different this last week. Not a ton different, but we definitely added a little something.

Dixie is in the middle of calving season. 10 or so of her 32 mommas have already had their babies and her dad and brother have lots and lots of momma cows so there is always something to do at her place. Summer, fall, winter, or spring, there are always things to do.
Sometimes babies don't make it, sometimes they are born early, and sometimes they need a little extra care, so that is where we helped last week. Two little babies needed some milk and we were there to help out.
Lou Lou is armed and ready to go.

When Lou Lou and I were in high school, we lived in Tracy, CA where my father had a herd of Angus cattle. When a baby loses it's momma they still have to be fed so that was our job before early morning Seminary and so to be able to do this again was super fun for us.
This little baby was having a hard time getting the grip so I decided to try something a little unconventional you might say.

This little baby LOVED it! I think she just needed some warmth from a momma and I was happy to help.

Lou Lou is a copy catter :)

Now this momma has a problem. She is "tight" which means she is engorged, which means her baby can't get a hold of the.....teet. We all took turns trying to let a little milk out. I don't think it made a real difference, but every little bit has got to help, wouldn't you say?

After we had our fun in the barn we went out to the pasture to bring in a cow and her baby. The baby had been born just an hour or two before and because it was going to be cold that night it needed to be in the barn to stay warm. We first tried to bring in the baby with this sled, but the momma lost interest and would head to the herd.

So then Dixie thought it would be better to have the baby follow her and then the momma would follow her baby. It almost worked until a tractor came by and all of Dixie's hard work was gone along with the momma and baby. When the baby follows you and is this young it is called imprinting. The baby even tried to find a place to nurse, but of course that didn't work. It was so so cute to watch this little baby follow it's new "momma".

Dixie had to bring in more help to bring the momma to her baby and get them both safely in the barn.

It was nice to ride again. I like trail riding, but there is something about being on a horse and getting a job done at the same time. It was cold and breezy for sure, but still fun.

Now this is what I'm talking about. Short sleeves on a horse!
We have had a pretty mild winter so hopefully it won't be too too long when we can ride like this again!

A few days later it was time to move these mommas to the big pasture so they could be close to home when they have their babies.

Feeding time. See the round bales? Watch what happens when the hay rolls out for these hungry mommas.

They all just kind of go head to head and eat.

This little baby is a twin, but it's other half didn't make it. He is so small, about the size of our dog and just a few days old.

I had to do it. He weighs less than our dog.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Final Goodbye

Well, here it is.....the beginning of saying goodbye to Laurel for 18 months.
Clark and Laurel are going "in for the hug".

This is when I lost it.
Next time Laurel and Michelle are together Michelle will be married. I'm sad that Laurel won't be there for all of the fun and excitement of the wedding, but I'm so happy that Laurel is doing exactly what is right for her too.

Grandpa Hatch drove up from St. George to wish Laurel well.

From the hotel, to the car, to the curb........of the MTC.

Yes, another back seat shot. Clark said his goodbye's the night before because he had to work. Missed you Clark.

Love Laurel's eyes.

Two very happy girls I tell ya. Happy happy girls!

The hugs from her big brothers are really heart felt. I so love that they have both served missions as well.

"I LOVE the mtc. love it. mucho mucho. The first day all i kept thinking was how much I love the mtc and how much I love that I'm on a mission. It's great. It's already hard, but it's great."

"ok i love you all! the church is true! the saviour died for us!"
-Hermana Cahoon

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Farewell Week (part 2)

You might think that all we do when we are together is eat. That's not all we do, but you gotta eat right? Sometimes eating a meal together can be really fun. Oh, it's especially fun when we go to a fast food place, because most of us know what we want, but then Mark likes to save money, which is good, but then it kind of turns into a contentious situation sometimes. I know what you are thinking......"hey, if everyone paid for their own meal then there would be no contention". The contention is worth a free meal :)

Pizza Hut in Dillon, Montana, the 1/2 mark. The best thing about this Pizza Hut is the ice. We went to Zupas in SLC and their ice is worth the trip too. It's small and kind of soft and just down right perfect in my book.

" Hey Brad, what song are you singing?"

Laurel had one more pair of shoes to buy and sandals for the shower, and then Michelle found the best deal on those brown boots she has on. Michelle kinda hummed and hawwed over the $10 price, but when you ask yourself, "are these $10 cute?" and if you answer yes then you gotta get em'. They turned out to be 1/2 off the clearance so yah, they were definitely $5 cute!

In and Out.
Let's see, what question did Laurel just ask Michelle?
(actually, Michelle was posing for the camera)

Waiting to be seated at Red Lobster in Provo.

Still waiting to be seated at Red Lobster in Provo.

It was worth the wait! They gave us two free appetizers and who was the happiest? Mark!

Oh Laurel. Not sure you are looking like a "set-apart" missionary to me.

This is what Michelle likes to do when she can sit next to me, cuddle and nuzzle!

Look at all that space and Michelle wants to squeeze into me. It better not stop when she gets married, or else!

This is the last picture taken of the kids the night before we took Laurel to the MTC.

All packed up and ready to go.....

(next post is the MTC drop off)