Thursday, March 1, 2012

Farewell Week (part 2)

You might think that all we do when we are together is eat. That's not all we do, but you gotta eat right? Sometimes eating a meal together can be really fun. Oh, it's especially fun when we go to a fast food place, because most of us know what we want, but then Mark likes to save money, which is good, but then it kind of turns into a contentious situation sometimes. I know what you are thinking......"hey, if everyone paid for their own meal then there would be no contention". The contention is worth a free meal :)

Pizza Hut in Dillon, Montana, the 1/2 mark. The best thing about this Pizza Hut is the ice. We went to Zupas in SLC and their ice is worth the trip too. It's small and kind of soft and just down right perfect in my book.

" Hey Brad, what song are you singing?"

Laurel had one more pair of shoes to buy and sandals for the shower, and then Michelle found the best deal on those brown boots she has on. Michelle kinda hummed and hawwed over the $10 price, but when you ask yourself, "are these $10 cute?" and if you answer yes then you gotta get em'. They turned out to be 1/2 off the clearance so yah, they were definitely $5 cute!

In and Out.
Let's see, what question did Laurel just ask Michelle?
(actually, Michelle was posing for the camera)

Waiting to be seated at Red Lobster in Provo.

Still waiting to be seated at Red Lobster in Provo.

It was worth the wait! They gave us two free appetizers and who was the happiest? Mark!

Oh Laurel. Not sure you are looking like a "set-apart" missionary to me.

This is what Michelle likes to do when she can sit next to me, cuddle and nuzzle!

Look at all that space and Michelle wants to squeeze into me. It better not stop when she gets married, or else!

This is the last picture taken of the kids the night before we took Laurel to the MTC.

All packed up and ready to go.....

(next post is the MTC drop off)


Dixie Dee said...

Oh the Utah trip looks like fun! Good on ya for getting those freebies at the resturant. Laurel looks so ready to get on with the new adventure! Ya Laurel! I'm so glad you are having so much fun with those kids!!And that they are doing such neat things!! Waiting for the next post! :)

MLH said...

What an awesome week together... how life changes on a hinge of missions and marriages within the Church.

Had a great laugh with everyone on their "phones" while waiting at Red Lobster...

Happy that you are having the promised joy of family life Lee Lee.

Marilou said...

Ditto Mary-Anne!

Laurel looks very ready to be the perfect missionary!

Christie said...

Everyone looks so happy! What a fun post! Looks like Laurel is gonna be a great missionary. You have had quite an exciting year and it's only March! Looking forward to the next post. :)

Barb said...

AHHH love it!

Kari said...

$5 boots!! I have to hang out with you on shopping trips. What a great group of kids you have, Marilee! And such an exciting time, for all of you to take her to the MTC. Good luck Laurel!

Kaylynn said...

I love eating out - but I am the one who in the family who tries to save money. I am hungry today - this makes me really want to eat).
I love all the pictures you take.