Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twin Trip

I had a pretty sweet trip trip to Utah about a week ago. Lou Lou's daughter Kelly moved to SLC so I tagged along!
Here's a little of what we did.....

Don't mind me. I'm just posing a silly pose for no apparent reason. And no, I am not showing off my muscles. Lou Lou is the one with the biceps.

The highlight was visiting daddy in St. George. He says that when Lou Lou and I are together it's like we are 16 years old again. I'm not super sure what that means, but 16's good. I'll take it. We did a little sight seeing in Santa Clara where we took a tour of Jacob Hamblin's house which was interesting He was quite the man and one of his wives' was actually a distant relative on Mark's side.

This is a monument that is right off the side of the road across from the place where Fort Santa Clara once stood. There is Hatch history at Fort Santa Clara. (see below)

See the name Ira Hatch? He is the brother of Orin Hatch, who we come from. Now, I bet you are thinking to yourself, " are you related to Senator Orin Hatch?" Yes, but it's pretty far back.

Just a little history of Fort Santa Clara.

While in SLC we went to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. If you have never been there, it is worth a trip. This is a picture of the Mormon Battalion that Orin Hatch and his brother, Meltiah was in. He is my 4th great grandpa. He's there somewhere....

"Upon their expulsion from Nauvoo, in the early spring of 1846, this family (Ira Stearns Hatch, Orin's father) made their camp at Bonary Lake on the Missouri River, at which place the eldest son Meletiah, age 21 and Orin, age 16 and 2 months, were enlisted in Company C of the Mormon Battalion. Although Orin was so young, in fact the youngest member of that organization, he was large in stature and so passed muster.
During their enlistment in the Battalion, these two brothers were inseparable, so when Orin became so ill with scurvy that it was necessary for him to walk supported between two companions, Meletiah was by his side, and when he was twice left to die, in obedience to the Commanding Officer's order, Meletiah went back and carried him into camp when the Battalion had stopped for the night. Finally the officer relented and Orin was taken with the company, strapped to the back of the horse of this same officer.
Upon reaching San Diego, Orin was one of the five men selected to go into the timbers to secure the pole upon which the first American Flag was flown in the newly acquired territory."

The Cahoon they are mentioning on this paper above is John P. Cahoon. His dad was Andrew Cahoon, brother of William Farrington Cahoon, who are sons of Reynolds Cahoon. Mark comes from William Farrington Cahoon. John P. Cahoon ran the Salt Lake Pressed Brick Company in Salt Lake for many years. He also built a Victorian Style home in Murray, Utah which still stands. It has been renovated and is used as a reception area.

We also stopped to visit our mother in Santaquin. Our tradition is to go to the Family Tree Restaraunt in Santaquin, buy a HUGE scone complete with honey butter and then take it to the cemetery to eat and visit awhile.

Love them and love hanging out with them.

The Blue Lemon across from Temple Square.

You do not see green hooved horses in Leavitt. Not a chance!

We missed the opening of City Creek by a few days. Kelly interviewed on Tuesday afternoon and was hired for a hostess at 5:00 pm. and started the next day. She is working at Sixth & Pine in Nordstrom and loves it.

Last minute decision to run a 5k and I'm glad I did.
My time was not an improvement from my last 5k, but it was fun running with Brad and Alyssa.

Kind of itching to go back :)


Dixie Dee said...

Pretty sweet trip Marilee! I can see why you are itching to go back!
Good for you on the 5km run! I know you'll be doing that kind of thing at 70 & 80, right? So great that you got some fun time with the kids, great photos! :)

Ashley Dawn said...

I actually just read about William Farrington Cahoon referring to Zion's Camp. I was wondering how he was related to Reynolds. Thank you for the answer! So neat. We need to compile all this family history we are learning! What a fun trip!

Christie said...

Wow! Love the snow capped mountains, green grass, and horse and buggy. Sure do miss those mountains.
I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Ya'll are a great legacy and example of what great moms are like. She taught you well. Love the fact you and Lou Lou are not afraid to try new things!
Ohhhhh, those scones sound yummy! Remember when we lived at Regency apartments and The Rolling Scone was right across the street? Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
The new header looks super! Your horse (the white one?) is gorgeous. The Hatch and Cahoon family history is interesting. History is one of my favorite subjects.
You guys look great and don't look a bit over 35!! Must be all the good food, fresh air, mountains, and exercise. Great post! :)

Barb said...

My favourite parts are visiting your Mom and running the last minute 5K.

Marilou said...

Where was I when you had that picture taken of you with your kids? Looking around the store with Kelly I guess.

stone's eye view said...

Looks like lots of fun! Saw Laurel on TV yesterday - she looked and sounded beautiful!

Kari said...

Hi, Marilee--

Awesome on the 5K, by the way! I might have walked it. Maybe intermingled with 100 yards of jogging, here and there.

I totally saw Laurel in the choir at General Conference! Then after I found her the first time I knew what she was wearing, so I pointed her out every time. Then they showed the American Idol kid at the very end. Now Laurel can say she sang with him too. :)

Verena said...

Actually, Meltiar died the year before the 1896 Mormon Battalion reunion, but his brother Orin is in the picture, middle row far right. I am descended from their brother Ephraim. Verena

Verena said...

Actually, Meltiar died the year before the 1896 Mormon Battalion reunion, but his brother Orin is in the picture, middle row far right. I am descended from their brother Ephraim. Verena