Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day

Here is my Mother's Day 2012. I think this is the first one where I have not been home. Yah, I think it was. No little notes from the kids and no nap, but I did get breakfast in bed.  Michelle made me an Acai bowl.  I have never had one and it was delicious.  It was Jordan's idea.  And look what else I got? A day with all my kids,  Even though Laurel wasn't physically with us she was right there with us. It was so great!

She could not stop smiling! She had the missionary glow. It's a real physical thing, it really is. There is nothing better to see on your kids' faces.

Here she is with her companion, Sister Maxfield. They totally love each other after only 2 weeks.

The family minus Mark.   

We had a little bbq at Jordan's complex. The kids played a bit of bball and then we had yummy shish kabobs that Michelle made. Jordan is a lucky guy because she loves to cook.

Couldn't ask for better kids. 

Kelly and Michelle

Oh, Brad also gave a talk in his ward.  It was really good and now his ward of strangers, because he just moved there and is moving out in 2 months, knows Brad's mother is, shall we say......more interesting than some moms. At least his talk lightened up the congregation because they were a little subdued for such a happy topic. 


Christie said...

Great post Leelee! Love the photos of all the kids. Yep, Brad's mom sure is a bit interesting! They probably couldn't ask for a better mom!

Dixie Dee said...

Oh Brad's Mom is Fun and Interesting! Glad you had such a great Mother's Day and that the kids are so good! Happy for you and Love all the pictures too!! So happy for Laurel too!!

Barb said...

Come on I want to see a copy of Brad's talk! This looks lovely and warm!

Kaylynn said...

Skype is a great invention. Spending Mother's Day with your kids is fantastic. I would have loved to have heard Brad's talk.