Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Been A Little Busy :)

  I think to really get the full scope of how very busy it has been around here I need to make this one post. 

We have lived here for almost 6 years (July 2006).  Well, not this house. We lived in Mark's mom's house next door for 2 years while building this house. We moved into this house August of 2008 and this is what it looked like.  Still a ton of work to do.

A year after we moved in, we had the stucco put on.  I think it was plain stucco for a year maybe?  Maybe longer. It's all a blur.

It has looked like this for probably 2 years with the stucco painted and the rock work completed.  Look at the front entryway.  Not supposed to look like that. We had no garage floor (just gravel).  No driveway either. No landscaping.  It was fine right?
 It's not the end of the world. 

And then this happened.  Michelle got engaged!
The planning of the wedding began and we then had the perfect excuse to do the landscaping, finish the stairs inside, put in a garage floor, a driveway, tile our shower, plants, get the baseboards painted in a few areas and the list went on and on and on. Oh and finish the fireplace.  There was a lot to do!

Neal never wants to use the tamper again. Way too much vibration and a feeling of no control.
The garage floor was 1/3 part cement, which was over the shop downstairs and 2/3 gravel. 

We had to engineer it so we could park the cars partially over the shop without fear of caving in.  Plus, we now have the option of taking out the gravel under the garage floor and having a huge space for future use.  This was no small feat to find someone who knew what they were doing.  It was a BIG deal!
The front part of the garage has in floor heating which will be nice in the dead of winter.

Look at all the rebar.  Different sizes going "everywhichway" and in a very sophisticated manner.  It was BIG deal!  Oh, I already said that, and very stressful to make sure this was done properly. We now have 8 inches of solid concrete in the garage. It still feels funny to step down only 2 inches and not 10 inches into the garage from the house.

Yep, the big pour.  The first of 5 pours within a 4 week period.
In the middle of all this work we took a break for the wedding.
Michelle and Jordan were married May 17, 2012 in the Salt Lake Temple.
After the sealing and reception we headed back home to complete our projects. 

I wish I had a picture of the drywall fireplace because the "after" picture would be more dramatic.  After seeing this with plywood I would have been happy with a coat of modge podge.  

This looks much nicer in real life.  We love it.  The mantle is a piece of birch that was taken out of the old Ellison Grain Mill nearby.   

So here we have the cement poured and ready for the plants and flowers.  I cannot even tell you how GREAT it is to have a flower garden again.
And you can see that the pillars in front are in.  We are really happy with the way it turned out.
Oh, and we had 8 dump truck loads of 3/4 crushed gravel delivered and spread out past the driveway from the highway to our house and what a difference.  Maybe someday we will pave it with asphalt.  Maybe. 
Brad was being HeMan, just like the bed sheets he had when he was just a little boy.  We actually ended up rolling the rock over coats to get it in place without ruining our new cement.

We also poured the back patio.  That was 2 days before the Open House.  

I don't know what Rio was thinking . She loved laying in the dirt. 

We all had jobs to do after the kids came home.  Clark spraying and cleaning the back patio in between other projects.
And in the midst of all this business, Laurel was out being a missionary.  She is so happy.  She just got transferred into a Spanish speaking area in the Spokane Washington Mission with a Spanish speaking companion and is still waiting for her VISA to come through.  Hopefully by the next transfer (July 17) she will have it.

Jordan washes windows every summer and he offered to wash ours.  Super sweet I tell you, super sweet!
He and Michelle are washing windows all summer in Utah and really enjoy working together. 
Michelle is busy putting the vases together for the Open House.  They really turned out cute and exactly what she was picturing. 

Fun and casual. 

Two weeks married.

This picture doesn't do the area justice.  It is really pretty and such a contrast from before, believe me and look at my fountain.  It has been waiting 6 years to be placed in my flower garden. 

This shows the whole front from a little distance. MMmm look at the mountains. We look out over those 
Clark has a cool photo of the whole house he took on his iPhone but it was blurry when I transferred it so this will have to do.  We even have doorbells hooked up. What in the world were we waiting for?
Rio's house is now in a more picturesque place now if only she used it more. 

So there you have it, a house update that was long over due.     


stone's eye view said...

The house looked beautiful, almost as beautiful as the bride at the open house. Love the way it all has come together.

Chelsea said...

How beautiful! Glad you had an excuse to.get it all done, looks fantastic.

Christie said...

Wowsy, wowsy, wowsy, Leelee! I love your house! It looks like a ski lodge in the Canadian Rockies.
Your view is incredible! You live in paradise! I especially love your front door and the fountain in the garden. Fountains are so relaxing and beautiful. It looks like you have two fireplaces? How cool! They're beautiful. What a lovely place for you and Mark to live happily ever after! Michelle and Jordan are the cutest couple, and the decorations looked so nice. Rio looks like he was thanking you for making the little flower bed for him. I'm so glad you made this post. It's neat to see how your kids work together. They have great parents. :)

Kari said...
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Kari said...

(Sorry, my first one messed up)

Oh man, Marilee--looking at just ONE of your photos of ONE of these projects makes me hyperventillate!

(2 months of our family living in the computer room while the kitchen & bath were being finished, then another 2 months of detail before we could really call it "finished."--memories, memories. Stressful.)

Each of those projects you did was HUGE. And you did so MUCH of it yourselves! Wow. But how good it must feel to just stand back and look at it now! Gorgeous. And, I'm salivating a little about the heated floor of your garage--you will LOVE that! :) Thanks for posting photos.

Marilou said...

But I don't see a 'reserved' parking place for my car! There's now landscaping in my usual parking place. Where am I going to park now Mark? Oh, on your driveway!!

All the work you have done looks so spectacular!!!!!

And the door bell!!!

Kaylynn said...

It does look awesome and hopefully it is all worth it. We did look over everytime we drove by during the project weeks. The open house was awesome. Now on to the next wedding...

Dixie Dee said...

Great Post Marilee! The house does look great! It's amazing what can be done in a short period of time! Good work everyone! Marilee, you have that touch that makes bricks and mortar a beautiful home! Yaaaaa for you guys!

MLH said...

There is beauty all around... when there is love at home... well done you guys - can't wait to come back!