Friday, July 20, 2012

Wall Lake

I walked into the province of British Columbia on Wednesday.  Waterton Park also neighbors Glacier National Park in Montana so I can realistically walk to a foreign country and a Canadian province in one day without getting caught. MMmmm, maybe not walk into the US.  I wouldn't want to cross a fence because maybe a helicopter will swoop up from behind the trees and pluck me from the ground.  I could canoe to the US though which I did a couple of years ago.  

When I heard that the annual Relief Society hike this year was going to Wall Lake I was pretty excited.  My father's middle name is Wall so I googled it to see what "Wall" the lake was named after.  Nothing.

 Wall Lake is named Wall Lake because it is next to a wall! The mystery was solved pretty quickly.  The hike was 3 hours round trip and was so so pretty.   

 I carry a flower twitcher card that has the names and pictures of wildflowers in this area of the Rocky Mountains, and I was able to add two new flowers to my discoveries.  Different trails during the different spring and summer months have different flowers so it makes carrying my card fun. Between my camera and the flower twitcher sometimes the hikes take a wee bit longer.  My friends and family and husband are super patient with me.

Each beargrass plant only blooms every 5- 7 years so I definitely want to take more pictures.  These are not fully bloomed yet so I guess that means more hikes in Waterton.  

 Yep, saw this too, although not on the hike. This was taken from inside the car with a zoom lens.  

I love living so close to Waterton and really need to go every week this summer. Our yearly pass is totally worth every penny!


Marilou said...

I sure wish I could join you on these fun outings! Maybe next year my back will cooperate. Oh, I know. I just won't shower first! Yah, that's it.

Really great post lee lee. life is certainly better than city life. Or shall I say neighborhood life.

Christie said...

Country life is THE life. Love all your pictures of the flowers and nature. Life looks so interesting up there. My dogs would surely love hiking through the mountains. You are such a good photographer, and I enjoy all your blogs. You live in Heaven!

mama jo said...

looks beautiful!

Dixie Dee said...

Great Hike and Fantastic pictures! I love the bear, he is so cute! Waterton is a Gem and we are so lucky to have it in our back yard! More flowers and trails to discover, can't wait! :)

Kari said...

Nice photos, Marilee! That bear is awesome. I like to take pictures of flowers, too...never thought of a card to actually identify them. Happy Hiking :)

Kaylynn said...

I would have love to have come. Sounds like a fun hike!