Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waterton Ride

Today was another ladies' ride and this time we rode a trail in Waterton. It was spectacular! The temperature was warm with a slight breeze.  We started at the trail head at 9:15 and arrived at our destination to Lower Rowe 1 hour and 15 minutes later.  

 Just getting ready putting the bridles and saddlebags on. 

 You know me and the horse ear pictures. 

 See?  Spectacular!

 Hali took this photo, but she will show up in another group picture.

 I know you can't really see Clint, but he is the boy in the white t-shirt. He happened to be up there so he took some pictures of us.  Just a side note: Clint just graduated from high school and is in our ward.  He is a team roper and just got back from Wyoming where they hold the National High School Rodeo every year.  He pretty much went to the top with his roping partner.  They took 4th in the world for high school team roping.  Just wanted to give him a "shout out".  

 I made Clint zero in on me for this picture. 
See the saddle and the saddle bag?  My father made them both and I ride with them every chance I get. 

These ladies are the cream of the crop. 
Bottom L-R
Barb Salmon, Hali Lieshman, Kaylynn Nunn,
Top L-R
Myself, Dixie Bevans, Shauna Smith, Colynda Duce
Dixie is always so nice to hook me up with a great horse for these fun rides.  Today I rode Tiffy for the first time and she was perfect. 


Dixie Dee said...

Great day and fun post! Love the pictures of Tiffy, she is a great horse! I'm so glad you had a good ride on her! Spectacular is right!

Marilou said...

Are you sure you and your friends weren't in heaven? And to think you didn't ever want to leave California!
What a perfectly perfect day is so many ways!

Christie said...

Absolutely spectacular!! Don't you just want to pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming? Can't get over how beautiful it is there! The horses, nature, and beautiful, clear skies. You can't ask for better. Your dad is very talented to make such a great saddle. Love this post!

David said...

Hi Lee Lee,
Gorgeous photos! Reminds me of the rides Dad and I use to take. How fun and how great to do that with your friends.

Your jealous and proud brother,

Kaylynn said...

Hey Clint, that is my camera. Can you get a picture of me:) It turned out cute. Lots of cute pictures. I bet you can't wait to see them on my blog:)