Saturday, August 4, 2012

27 Years of Sharing.....

So, today is Mark and Brad's birthday. Since they were born on the same day I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of their shared birthdays. 

 August 4, 1985
Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

 August 4, 1989
Huntington Beach, California

 August 4, 2003
Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada

 August 4, 2011
Leavitt, Alberta, Canada

 If Mark could have the wish he wants it would be to fish....
All. Day. Long!

Brad's wish?  Hm....I don't really know know. 
I think you should put in the comment section Brad what you wish you could do on your birthday this year.

Happy Birthday you two.
Love your wife and and your momma!


Dixie Dee said...

Happy Birthday Brad and Mark! Great photos! A super fun way to tell the story! Great Pic of Mark fishing! What a handsome 18yr old Brad! Ya Brad, what is your Wish? Riding in the rain? Riding in the Sunshine? Climbing a mountain? Sitting on the Beach? :)
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!

Marilou said...

Super dee duper cute post! I like the picture of Brad blowing out the candles when he was 4! It's like he didn't know if he should blow, smile or laugh so he just did all three!
I love all of Mark's glasses!

Happy birthday Mark!
Happy birhtday Brad!

mama jo said...

happy birthday to mark and brad!!!

Kaylynn said...

The picture memories are fun. Good job!

Kari said...

Awwww...those are great photos of Brad and Mark. (I'll never quite understand that fishing wish. It's fun to "catch," but otherwise it's a lot of ... waiting?? But that's okay--he's allowed any wish he wants, on his birthday!) Happy Birthday to both of them! :)