Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cahoon Family

The unofficial Cahoon reunion is over.  All of the brothers and sisters were able to come up for a short visit and this is no small feat with 10 living children.  They are spread out from Washington to Texas to Alberta and in between.  Along with grandkids and great grandkids I think there were over 50+ here at one time and constant overlapping.  At an official Cahoon reunion there are at least double that, easy.  Joyce loved having her kids home as you can imagine. Out of 11 children, 6 sons and 1 daughter served missions with all children marrying in the temple along with every married grandchild as well.  I'm pretty safe in saying that every male grandchild and a few female grandchildren have served missions as well.  Joyce and Lervae served 3 missions themselves so it is no surprise so many of their posterity have too. 

 Nealster and our dog Rio.  We love Rio.  Her name is Rio Cahoon and she is a part of our family. 

 Here are all of the kids together, oldest to youngest, starting left to right.  Yep, Pam was the only girl for a lot of years and look at Orlan at the end with all of his sisters.  Colleen who passed away at the age of 19 was in between Orlan and Merlene.  Mark is smack dab in the middle with 5 younger and 5 older siblings, with 5 sisters and 5 brothers.  I would say that is pretty even steven. He is very well adjusted :)

 Mark and his mom. My sweet lens was not on it's best game. A little blurry, I know. 

 We always try to have sing song time. Here is Orlan with his younger son, Michael.  

 Joyce and a few of her daughters. A fun bunch. Pam was busy playing the piano so she missed out.  

 It was parade time in Cardston while the family was here.  Always a fun time. 
I don't know why Chris, oh never mind.  Lou Lou is taking the picture and that is why she is not sitting next to Chris. 

 Aunt Edna is 93 I believe. Could be 94, not sure.  She is as smart as a whip let me tell you.  We love when she comes to visit.  I think Aunt Edna is perfect along with Joyce.  

 Here is a complete family picture minus Lervae, but all the children are represented.  Colleen is in the framed picture on the mantle.  

 Just one of those "gazing into each other's eyes" kinda picture.

Here they are all in one last picture of the post.  I could have not married into a better family. Just love and laughter when they get together.  


Mark said...

Fun to get together again! Lots of food, a little fishing and a lot laughter.

Christie said...

Wow, Leelee! Love the photos. What a great legacy the Cahoons have! Of course I especially like the pic of Neal and Rio. You and Mark have "matured" gracefully. Mark is quite the handsome man, and you are just as beautiful as ever. Such a mushy "gazing eyes" picture......awwwwwwww. Ya'll are so cute.

Dixie Dee said...

Oh, what if one of those Cahoon's couldn't sing???
So cool that they all can come home and Hats Off to Lervae & Joyce, so many kids and so committed to the gospel! Incredible for sure!!
Fun photos and Yup you two are "maturing gracefully!"
Good picture of Mark and Marilee! :)

Kari said...

What a treat for Mark's mom, to see everybody all together. Such a stellar group of great people. Thanks for posting photos!

Kaylynn said...

I would love to hear Lervae and Joyce's secrets of parenting success. I know life isn't perfect, but that is a pretty good temple and mission record. 10 kid is a lot!

Marilou said...

You don't see too many families like this much anymore!!!