Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hermana Cahoon in Buenos Aires!

Laurel's mission president's wife has a mission blog and she is always so good to include good information and a lot pictures. It was there, on the mission blog, that I knew Laurel had received her visa before she even knew.  It was so hopeful to read that info. on the blog, but until we heard (which was a call from her mission president in Spokane) officially, it was hard to really believe it was actually happening. 
Here are some pictures that I took off of the blog.  I will also add Sister Carter's words below each picture.  

After the tour of the city, we stopped off at the park where one of the elders offered a really beautiful prayer of thankfulness that their visas had arrived and that they have the opportunity to be in this very special place.

 After sharing the history and taking an official photo, we also had to take a celebration picture! They made it!!!!!!!

We had a little extra time so we took them over to see the widest river in the world—I think it is like 136 miles across. However, for me the best part is the city skyline in the distance.

There is a cute local restaurant just down the street from the mission home. Actually, Presidente and I eat there about once a week. We decided to take the missionaries there for lunch. They still seem a little dazed that they really are in Argentina. They got a quick dose of reality when they got handed the menu and the waitress was speaking waaaaay faster than the Spanish they are used to hearing.

We spent the afternoon at the mission home and while Presidente was doing interviews, Elder Douglass and I were answering questions about life in Argentina and sharing amusing and/or interesting missionary stories. I have to say that the missionaries also kept us quite entertained sharing their various experiences as well.

Can't wait to get Laurel's first email next week. See Sister Leavitt on the left side of Laurel with the white coat?  They are related. Thomas Rowell Leavitt had 3 wives.  Laurel is from wife #1 and Sister Leavitt is from wife #2.  Thomas R Leavitt settled Leavitt.  We live in Leavitt and I think this tidbit is extra cool!


Dixie Dee said...

It is all super cool! I'm so happy for Laurel!Fun pictures and can't wait to hear how Laurel describes her first week in Argentina! Great post Marilee! :)

Christie said...

It is cool that Laurel is related to Sister Leavitt, and that you live in Leavitt! Did you know about all that before you moved to Leavitt? What an interesting history both sides--the Hatch's and the Cahoon's--have! Look forward to hearing more. you are quite the historian. Way to go Leelee!

Kari said...

These are GREAT photos--3 cheers for that mission president's wife and her blog! It makes it so much more "real." And thanks to YOU for posting, of course, Marilee! What an exciting thing for them to finally be in the country.

Kaylynn said...

I love that the mission president's wife has a blog. I am glad she made it to Argentina!