Monday, August 13, 2012

I Just Love it When My Kids Come to Visit

Ok. So. My kids come and my kids go. Just like that. 
"Poof" as Lou Lou would say. 

Brad, Jordan & Michelle and Kelly, my niece drove up last week for a quick visit.  It was Heritage Week in Cardston and along with that always comes immediate and extended family from far and near. More on the extended family in my next post. 

Brad has always loved to ride.  Grandpa Cahoon always had a couple of horses and Brad enjoyed riding as a little boy.  Our friend Dixie has some cattle in the community pasture along with other cattle owners so once in awhile she has to take her turn to check fences and make sure the cattle are doing well.  So far there has been a bear kill and a wolf kill. Oh hey, if you want to make some extra money there is a wolf bounty.  $500 a kill. 

The ride was perfect. Just 5 of us taking care of business.

Hanna is 11 and she can ride a horse like nobody's business.  She and Brad had a good time.  Here she is being a "tourist".  You know, posing for the camera, which I guess makes Brad a tourist because he was posing in the picture above.  But then, say if you were born here in Canada and don't live here, does that make you a tourist?  How about if you live here like Hanna who wasn't born in Canada, does that make her a tourist?  Brad and Hanna went round and round and round on this.  Crazy kids. 

 Here I am not being a tourist because I am not posing. I am working.  To be honest, I am moving cattle but only for the picture.  I am posing. this!

We have a small fire pit in our backyard that we are enjoying this summer.  The kids were having fun taking pictures with my new lens. 

Still so totally into each other!
Jordan starts law school at the U of U this week so they came up for one last relaxing weekend. 

Clark came up for a quick visit too with 17 friends from SLC.  They crashed in the basement every night after hiking all day.  I loved having them and the busy-ness of it all. Here are some of them on their way through Red Rock.  My kids and the gang walked quite a ways up the creek and loved it. 

I stayed back and had fun with my new lens and thoroughly enjoyed the sun. 
Love summertime here!

I'm not really sure what I did here to get this picture, but it's cool looking anyways.  I think it was the shutter speed. There is a lot to learn and then you have to remember it. 




Look at Hermana Cahoon. This picture is typical of her letters-always happy and cheerful. She still has not received her VISA if you can even believe it.  Argentina is being very slow in issuing them for some reason. 

Just doing some service with a smile on her face, of course. 

PS. Laurel reads these posts so I am going to give her a shout out!


Dixie Dee said...

Love it when your kids come home too! Fun post, great pictures, I love the water on the red rocks.
The pasture ride was lots of fun too, love those horses and love those kids! Summer is so great! Can we have it for 6 more months??

Christie said...

Your camera takes awesome photos, Leelee! My favorites were the horses, red rock, the toes & hotdogs (JK), and of course, the kids always look wonderful! It looks like you Leavitites are in Heaven during the summer.

Marilou said...

Yep, I like it when your kids come home too because this time one of mine joined them! Hope it happens lots!
And yes, that is one fantastic lens you got there!

Kaylynn said...

Love the pictures of the tourists:) It is exciting to have your big kids come home! And cool pictures with your new lens.