Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Neal!

It's hard to believe it was 17 years ago!
Neal is 17?
Neal is 17!







Modeling for his mom. He is a good boy :)
BTW Neal is wearing his great grandpa Hatch's spurs. 


 Neal had a great job this summer working as a ranch-hand for a friend who raises cattle and horses and with that comes farming.  Neal did everything from baling to riding horses to killing lots and lots of burdock(weeds) to riding bobcats. Here Neal is cleaning out the bull shed which he loved. He is pretty handy with machinery. 
 It's last years junk if you know what I mean. Not the bobcat, the junk that Neal is hauling out. 

Rock has a horse sale every year and Neal is helping bring in some of them so they can be photographed for the catalog. 

 Neal had to wear boots and wranglers and a cowboy hat for this catalog picture to be legit. 

Happy Birthday Neal.  
Our family would not be same without YOU!
We love you! 


Marilou said...

-Okay. I LOVE that little newborn picture so much! He was so teeny tiny and I love the way Mark is holding him.
-I can see "Caleb" in the picture of Neal sitting on the rock....can you?
-And I can't see Neal anywhere else doing anything different than what he is doing in these pictures. He was born to live in the country!
We love you too Neal!
Happy Birthday!

Dixie Dee said...

Great post! Neal is so cool! Love all the pictures and so glad that Neal is at home in the country! So grateful to be able to call Neal a friend! :)
Happy Birthday Neal!

Christie said...

Even though I don't know Neal personally, I know he must be an awesome young man bacause of His awesome parents and aunt Loulou. From the cutest little baby to the most handsome young man...he is going to be a heartbreaker! He looks like he was made for the country. He would play the perfect cowboy in a cowboy movie. Happy birthday, Neal!

Kaylynn said...

I can tell you thought long and hard about making a cool birthday post for Neal. Good theme! Success! Lots of fun pictures. Happy Birthday to Neal!