Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wally's Beach

I was introduced to a beach this summer.  A beach in southern Alberta.  Really. 

 I can imagine while walking through this grove of trees that I am walking though the grove of trees at Bellows in Waimanalo or a small walkway from the road to a beach on the north shore.  

This could be Bellows.  There are no palm trees at Bellows. 
That's Lou Lou in case you were wondering.  

 Look, a horizon to the right.

 This beach has sand, a shore line and seagulls.  Next season I am going to take my Hawaiian music, lay out with my Maui Babe (not Mark, my suntan lotion) and pretend I am in Hawaii.  
At Bellows.  At Sunset Beach.  At Queen's Beach in Waikiki. 
The only thing, is when I open my eyes and look around I will see Old Chief and then I will know it is a dream.  Oh well, a girl can dream a little right? 


Marilou said...

Sometimes dreams are the best and I'll dream right along there with you next year!

PS. I didn't know you took pictures of me. Sneaky!

Maui Babe doesn't equal Mark.

L&M betterfam said...

where is this???

Christie said...

This is beautiful!! Old Chief and the beach at the same time=Heaven! Great pics, and Loulou, you look great! Let's go there when I come up one summer---maybe next July??

Dixie Dee said...

So cool that you can make a water dam so interesing and fun. Sand at the beach, that makes sense, but in landlocked Alberta that is a gem indeed! I would love to do the Maui Babe thing with the music for sure! That sounds GREAT!! :)

Kaylynn said...

I met Wally's Beach this summer, too. We went on a holiday and it was BUSY but it was really fun. I love the sand and that the water stays shallow for a long time. I can't wait to see your Hawaiian Wally's Beach post next year.

becca olsen said...

We went there this summer too for Mike's family reunion! I couldn't believe it! Isn't it great! I think I'll be doing the same thing next summer! :)