Sunday, October 28, 2012


Summer is over.
Fall is here.
And there is a lot of snow.
  I found some some bear pics from this summer and even one from quite a few summers ago so I thought I would do a "bear" post to remind me of the warm weather we had this summer. 
You don't see bears in the winter.
They hibernate.

 This picture was taken early this summer in Waterton from my car.  

 This is just not any little hill in Beazer. Something really cool is on the back side of this little hill.

 I am now on the top of this neat little hill. Just this side of those two pine trees on the right is a rare discovery.  Neal showed us this sweet spot that only some humans know about.

 A bear den.  No kidding. A real live bear den!

 Neal is not even all the way in yet.  It is deep and then opens up to a a pretty cool pocket underneath the ridge. 

 Isn't Lou Lou scary?  RRrrrrrrrrr Roarrrrrr!!!!!

 I'm either on my way out or on my way in.  I did not go head first like Neal did, but I did scoot back until my feet touched the other end.  The den is probably 8 feet deep maybe? 

 I took this picture in 2006 or 2007 from my car.  I mean really, are you kidding me,  this guy has his back turned on a bear?  

This picture was taken on Bear's Hump, a popular hike in Waterton. 
This is the top of Bear's Hump looking down into the townsite.
And to add one last bear photo.   
Bear tracks at Mark's new favorite fishing hole.
I can't tell you where it is because there is one huge trout in there that got away from Mark this summer.  
It broke his line.
That's ok.
One more season just makes that trout one year bigger!