Sunday, November 18, 2012

Utah with an Iphone

We made a fairly quick and unexpected trip to Salt Lake City last weekend.  We found out on Sunday, November 4 that Kody and Lindsay were going to be sealed on Saturday, November 10, instead of February. Yep, they pulled off a wedding in 6 days.  It can be done. It was great timing for Neal and for Mark.  Neal had three days off from school and the forecast for home was for snow so Roof Time shut down. Can I get a BIG FAT Hallelujah?  

The weather in Salt Lake on Thursday afternoon was so very nice as you can see.

Michelle works at Deseret Book right across the street from Temple Square.  Just doing some shopping for Laurel. (Michelle and her mom and dad get 25% off purchases)

I have to say that I love Salt Lake City.  It snowed for three days, but it was so lovely.   

The view from Kody and Lindsay's reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Sweet yah? 

 Elder Nelson is Lindsay's grandpa.  He was at the family dinner, the reception and of course, performed the sealing.

Just having a moment with Elder Nelson.  He and my father were in Samoa years ago for an event so I was just asking Elder Nelson about it.

 Kody and Lindsay Wood.


mama jo said...

looks like a fun trip!

Christie said...

Yay! Another post from Leelee. Something told me to look on your blog tonight! I love SL, too. The lights of the temple and the snow combine to make a serene setting. I used to love to go there right before Christmas break to see all the Christmas lights. So beautiful! You look so cute in the picture of You and Niel at the window. You and Mark haven't aged a bit, and your whole gang seems to be thriving! A wedding in six days!! Incredible! What a cute couple! Aren't weddings, winter snow, and the holidays great?

Marilou said...

So......did Elder Nelson remember dad in Samoa???

Those temple pictures are soooo pretty when they are lit up!

And Michelle looks like you from back in the day!

Kari said...

What great photos, as usual, Marilee! Those temple pics in the snow. Just gorgeous. How nice to be able to "zip on down" for the weekend. Neal is such a grown-up kid. :)

Barb said...

Soooo fancy! I love it when an unexpected plan comes together!

Dixie Dee said...

A great big HALLELUJAH!!! Just for you! Oh that does sound like a great trip! So glad that everything fell together so well!
Fun photos, so neat that it can be snowy and so pleasant! Wow, rubbing shoulders with the "who's who" of the area!! I think it is pretty cool to have an unexpected time with those fun kids of yours!
Good on ya!

Kaylynn said...

Pretty sweet photos for an Iphone. It was definitely a charmed wedding for it to be planned in 6 days and actually work out and that everyone could come. Kody looks like Kaden.