Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another Utah Family Wedding

There seems to be a trend with family members getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. Michelle and Jordan were married last May with Kody and Lindsey last November and now Kelly and Dallin. March 8 to be exact. I say no more family weddings until Laurel gets back from her mission.  Hear that kids, nieces and nephews? 

Seth, Neal and Brad.  Cousins on the Hatch side. On my side, as in Hatch, there are only 13 first cousins.  On the Cahoon side there are, hold on, let me get a piece of paper and figure this out.......55.  yea, 55 first cousins. (i think) 

 Michelle was on her own without her husband Jordan. Law school keeps him very very busy.  

 This is my favorite picture.  Look how much fun these cousins are having with their grandpa.  I wonder what they were laughing about.  It's cute.

 Clark is story telling with a toothpick in his mouth. I wonder why he always has a toothpick in his mouth.  " Hey Clark, why do you like toothpicks in your mouth?" 

I call this my General Conference Ensign Issue photo.  

Happy as can be! 

Don't they make a handsome pair?   

 I know, there is something about this picture that is familiar right? 

We missed Sean and Caleb. We missed Laurel at Michelle's wedding too.  Sometimes it happens.  

 Hi daddy.  

 Oh Michelle.  

 Ok, now everybody turn around.  Thanks! 

 Lou Lou and I went to Weber State back in the day along with Melanie and Michelle.  Yep, 2 sets of identical twins in La Salle student housing.  We hadn't seen each other since 1979 and that is a long long time, like 34 years! 

Ok, look real close.  This is Lou Lou wearing my MOTB (mother of the bride) dress. 

And this is me wearing my MOTB dress last May.  
Twins share things. 


Marilou said...

It's a great dress!!

Dixie Dee said...

Ya Clark, why do you tell stories with a toothpick in your mouth?
Fun post, great pictures, and I wonder if the kidlets will listen about when to have weddings and where?
Everyone looks great, so much fun!

Megan said...

I wore Debbie's MOTG dress when my daughter got married. Sisters are so good to share!
These are great pictures.

Christie said...

Ahhhh, SLC Temple beautiful! I love the photo of the top of the majestic! Kelly and Dallin are adorable together, and Kelly is another beautiful "Hatch" bride. You and Mark look as cute together now as you did 30 something years ago! Loulou and Chris are a handsome couple, too. Your two families keep growing and growing. It's wonderful to see your friends' kids grow up and start out on their own. Let's see....what's the guess on how long it will take Laurel to get snatched up? My guess is it won't be long at all! Best wishes to the happy couples!!

mama jo said...

looks like a great time!

Kari said...

What a fun and lovely weekend with your family, Marilee! The Salt Lake Temple is an excellent choice, of course. And so fun for many family members to be able to see each other. Your kids have the best smiles! :)

Kaylynn said...

Great pictures. I am pretty sure that Ensign picture will be published. We were hoping to be in the general conference Ensign, but I don't think anyone took our picture. Is Kelly tall or wearing really high heels? I am glad Lou Lou could wear your dress. It's a good one.