Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Holy smokes, that cow is dead!"

Well, it's that time of year when the cows that are gonna have babies need to be close to home so the mommas and the babies can be taken care of if need be.  Dixie has her cattle about 6 or 7 miles from her house so the cattle drive takes a little while.  It was a little windy, but the temperature was close to 50 degrees or more so who really cares about the wind. 

We got our start around 8:30 am. See those cows back there? There are 30 of them, count them. 

Is this not spectacular?  Driving cattle is one of my favorite things to do. Look at that wide open space. 

See the mountains?  Love that.

Look at Dixie to the far left.  She is back there with a single momma that was being a little pokey. It is a long way for these momma and it's stressful for them so you don't want to push them too hard or fast. 

Looks like #10 wants to take a break. 

Mmmmmm.....look at that sky.

BTW (by the way) it was just Dixie and I moving the 30 mommas today. We totally rocked it, in that they didn't run away.  You have to be careful with open gates along the way.  Cows love open gates. 
We're on the home stretch little mommas.

Have you ever heard of snot ribbon?  It's gross.  We were heading into the wind which means whatever is in front of us comes our way on a windy day and when cows are being driven they make messes on the road.  There is another thing that happens when the cows are stressed, they salivate. I don't know for sure, but I bet their noses run too. Anyway.  See the brown cow?  See the stuff coming from her mouth (and nose) and then again along her backside?  I call that snot ribbon and some of that touched my lips.  You know, you never think about licking your lips and then something touches your lips and then you really want to lick your lips.  I used my coat sleeve. 

And, we're home! Oh, but wait.  We need to go check on the momma who wanted a break.

" Holy cow, that cow is dead." 
While #10 was walking she got a little slow, started to wobble and before you know it her back legs gave out, she fell down and she died.  Right there along the highway. Bamm! No doctors were involved, but we think it was a heart attack.  The sad thing is, is that the baby she was carrying is gone too.
The sun was shining after we moved the mommas and you know what that means.  The gophers are out. We thought we better have some more fun after "working" so hard. Not. 
My new sweet gun was super sweet to shoot.  


Dixie Dee said...

Holy Cow! You can tell a story! It was an interesting day for sure! Perfect weather,great horses,good cows,superb help and an adventure that I've never had before or should I say we've never had before! Let's hope that this means that there will be 29 calves to sell this fall!
Great 22 rifle Marilee, those gophers are in trouble now!!
Love those pictures too! We really do live in a great part of the world (minus the wind of course!)

Kaylynn said...

Wow, I felt like I was there. I am glad you and Dixie are the cow-moving experts. I can't believe #10 died just like that. Nice gun.

Christie said...

The sky is beautiful up there, Leelee! You take great pictures. And the you give a vivid description of "snot ribbon"! What a hoot! I felt for the momma cow who died....poor thing. Love to hear about your adventures!

Kari said...

Thanks for the awesome photos, as usual, Marilee!!! You can subtitle this one "stepping back in time," or "walking in the footsteps of a dying cow" or "just before I go shoot gophers."

It is a different world up there. I can get lost in your photos just like I get lost in a book. :)