Tuesday, March 12, 2013

James Devine

  James Devine the Band. 
Brad is having a blast being a part of the band. They have done a few shows in the area and we were lucky enough to be in Salt Lake when they played at The Wall last weekend. 

This is kinda legit don't you think?  A flyer. And let me tell you, it was a par-tay.

This is a new venue at BYU downstairs next to the bowling alley. When I first heard the name I got a little excited.  My grandmother was a Wall and my mind kinda went to genealogy since the Budge Hall on campus housing is named after my great great grandfather. So anyway, The Wall is a place and a pretty cool spot for bands to play.     

Brad did a great job. It's so fun to see him play and sing again.  He was in a band in High  School and that was pretty cool, but he is all grown up and it's a little more cool(er).

The crowd went crazy!  There was body surfing at BYU?   You betcha!

I'm telling you, when James Devine played their last song the crowd was still going strong.  Look at this crazy guy.  He got on stage and danced like he was at a concert.  The funny thing was is that he was Clark's roommate at BYU-H  not so long ago.  I don't know if you know this about Clark, but he knows people where ever he goes and what ever country he may be in. It's crazy.

Here's a little clip.......BTW you might not be able to view this video on your ipad. iphones work though.


Marilou said...

Brad was begging (ha ha!) me to go to this show on Saturday but this MOTB was tired and ready for the drive home. Another time Brad.

Christie said...

How cool, Lee lee!! I didn't know there was a building at the "Y" named after your family. The video is great...such a talented family you have! :)

Clark said...

That was a fun show. Glad we could all be there for it. Worked out perfectly. I think you're exaggerating on the whole "knowing people wherever I go" thing. This was just a fluke.

Brad Cahoon said...

Mom! So glad you were able to come and check it out! That was a REALLY fun show!

Brad Cahoon said...

Mom! That was so fun to have you and everyone else there. Thanks for coming and blogging about it!

Dixie Dee said...

Fun post as always!
Good on ya Brad! Would have loved to be there.
Such cool and fun kids Marilee!

Kaylynn said...

I saw the pictures on Facebook of the James Devine band, but I didn't know that Brad was in it. He is famous!

Barb said...

So great so crazy!