Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can It Really Be Clark's Birthday?

April 16, 1983
Drayton Valley, Alberta
7lbs 10oz  Born at 9:56 am

Grandpa had thee best penmanship and he wasn't a bad poet either.

My first of five!

5 years old in Huntington Beach, CA

 10 years old in Thousand Oaks, CA

I'm gonna say 16 years old (at Disneyland)

 This was taken in March.
Me and my boy Clark!
Why do kids want to grow up? 
When you are young you want to be older. When you are older you want to be young. 
It's all relative isn't it?  I think Clark is young. Neal thinks Clark is old. My father thinks I am young and Lou Lou thinks I am.....wait a second, we are the same age. We are young compared to the next generation and we are old to the younger generation, oh but wait, this is about Clark. Clark is the perfect age!
Happy Birthday Clark!