Thursday, May 30, 2013

Springtime in Leavitt

It is finally springtime here is Leavitt.   It has been fairly rainy which I like and then don't like. I just have to remember that Leavitt has ranchers and farmers and a girl from California/Hawaii so we all want different elements of the weather at different times for different reasons.  I get that.  The farmers want rain after they have seeded their fields and then every once in awhile they want more rain to water their crops.  The ranchers don't mind the rain so much as long as the mommas have had their babies.  How fun would it be to be born in the rain and then lay in the wet pasture? They just get cold and sick and that is not good.  Now for me?  I can take no rain starting, let's say, mid May until October 1st and the hotter the better.  I guess I could settle for the occasional evening thunderstorm.  We all have to support each other here in Leavitt. 

Spring time offers picture taking opportunities, which I like.   

The Crocus. The first flower of the season right here folks.
 This pretty little flower brings hope. I love it. 

Speaking of hope.  I was asked to photograph a wedding.  
Yes, a wedding. A once in a lifetime event. I was very nervous, practically crying and literally praying during the 8 mile drive to town. Luckily, my photographer friend who has taught me everything I know thus far, was there.  He is the security guard at the temple. Yea for Boyd! He calmed my nerves and checked my settings. 

I'm pretty happy with the way the pictures turned out.  I definitely need to learn a few actions from PhotoShop after I download the program, but all in all I'm happy with the photos and I hope that Chanel is too. 

At first I didn't like this photo because it has fall colors, but because there is snow in the mountains these colors are talkin' spring. 

This is my neighbor Matt.  His parents are on a mission so he and his cute little family have moved in while building their own home and are also taking care of the ranch.  Josie wants it to rain quite a bit through June so they don't have to irrigate the hay pasture. I think that is asking and expecting way too much. 

This poor little robin red breast was so confused for a few days.  The male robins get very territorial during mating season.  For hours, and I mean hours, he would perch on the bench and then fly into the window to protect his area from other male robins.  He thought his reflection was competition. He finally stopped and then Mark cleaned off the poop from the bench. 

This spring flower, which is out May through July, is named Balsamroot.
 This was taken as the sun was going down. 

Just a blossom from a random bush on the property.  
Ok. Love. This. Picture. 
This is Ellen and and Veryl. We were driving by their place last week on our way to the Cahoon Homestead, which is just up the road and we stopped to say hello from our car.  Their home is just a bit aways from their barn so I think the use of a wheel barrow to carry their campfire necessities was a great idea. Ellen and I are visiting teaching partners and I just love her. I think they have been on 3 different missions. 

The sky was spectacular the other night.  This is what I saw through my lens during sunset.

This is what Neal captured on his iPhone.  I wish I had thought of this. 
I like this one better.