Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wildflower Festival

You might have seen me on the side of the road on the way to the Chief Mountain border just outside Waterton National Park last Saturday morning.  I was with the group of middle aged men and women wearing cameras around our necks, bending down taking pictures. Just imagine that for a minute.  
  My photography friend Tanis and I went together and we had a great time. She is not middle aged and was clearly the young one in the bunch. 

Striped Coralroot

Western Meadow Rue


Mountain Lady's-slipper

Silky Lupine

Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Sticky Purple Geranium

Sticky Purple Geranium

During the Wildflower Festival there are all kinds of workshops and activities available for a week in the park.  You can view the wildflowers on horseback, hiking or take a workshop from professional photographers. You can do them all if you'd like. If you like to sketch or paint, there are workshops for that as well. 
Mark and I and another couple are going to the park on Thursday to listen to an author of nature books.  There is something for everyone. 
Frans Brouwers, on the right, was our instructor.  

Few-flowered Anemone (I think)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Someone Is Having a Birthday!

 Happy Birthday Lou Lou!

There are interesting things about this picture. 
1) through the doorway you see another doorway.  Daddy made the garage into a bedroom for David, my brother.
2) on the right are school pictures which will tell me this picture was taken in 1965-1966. I say 1966 because it looks like we are wearing summertime clothes and we moved from this house in 1966. This is on Lakebird Dr. in Sunnyvale CA. 
3) that is me on the right because I still hold my hand out randomly while I am cooking in my kitchen. Weird. 
4) that bowl.  I found that exact one at a thrift store a few years ago. 
5) we are drinking out of shrimp cocktail jars. 

I sometimes wish I could snap my fingers and go back in time. But only if you are there Lou Lou. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Waterton on June 1st

Beware, there a quite a few twin pics in this post.  We were just having sister fun, twin fun, camera fun and Waterton fun. 

Sitting on the dock at Cameron.  

I'm finally getting the knack of taking a picture of us.  I think I took about 10 of these.  Some with glasses on.  Some with glasses off.  Mark was being very patient.  We had to get the perfect picture right?  The funny thing is, this photo was the first and the best.  Glasses on worked best for both of us . 

We do not look like twins.  I don't understand why people get us mixed up. 

This photo is not as impressive as it looks.  I was in the car and he was on the side of the road behind the guard rail.  I do have to say that he totally posed for me and looked me straight in the eye for the picture though.

Prince of Wales in black and white. 

We had to stop by the coolest place in Waterton, Wieners of Waterton.  Lou Lou thinks she is cool making the peace sign.  

I dig my man and...........
Lou Lou digs hers.

Cool bandaid Lou Lou.  
See the slanted sliver of trees in the center of this picture?  That is the trail to to the top of Bear's Hump. Yah, when you look at it this way, I can huff and puff if I want to.  It's steep! 

Your'e cool too, Mark. 

I seem to take a lot of pictures of Cameron Falls, but am never too excited about them.  I do like the coloring in this one though.  I don't know.  I guess maybe waterfalls don't turn my crank.  

This turns my crank every. single. time. My favorite flavor in the whole entire world. 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.  The combo knocks my socks off like no other. 

The only twin thing about this picture are our blue eyes.

Ok, there might be a slight resemblance in this one. 

Ok, oooo, look at out our hands.  Twin hands.  Weird.