Friday, June 7, 2013

Someone Is Having a Birthday!

 Happy Birthday Lou Lou!

There are interesting things about this picture. 
1) through the doorway you see another doorway.  Daddy made the garage into a bedroom for David, my brother.
2) on the right are school pictures which will tell me this picture was taken in 1965-1966. I say 1966 because it looks like we are wearing summertime clothes and we moved from this house in 1966. This is on Lakebird Dr. in Sunnyvale CA. 
3) that is me on the right because I still hold my hand out randomly while I am cooking in my kitchen. Weird. 
4) that bowl.  I found that exact one at a thrift store a few years ago. 
5) we are drinking out of shrimp cocktail jars. 

I sometimes wish I could snap my fingers and go back in time. But only if you are there Lou Lou. 


Marilou said...

And I still eat with my hands! Wierd. Lol!

I love this picture too.


Barb said...

Oh how I love these guys!

Dixie Dee said...

Fun picture! Oh those were the days!
Happy Birthday to the Twins!

Kaylynn said...

My favorite part of the picture is the awesome wallpaper. Happy Birthday. We still need to sip smoothies on your deck on a sunny day.

Christie hunter said...

Such little cuties who turned into big cuties with sweet personalities! So glad y'all came to BYU and became my friends!