Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wildflower Festival

You might have seen me on the side of the road on the way to the Chief Mountain border just outside Waterton National Park last Saturday morning.  I was with the group of middle aged men and women wearing cameras around our necks, bending down taking pictures. Just imagine that for a minute.  
  My photography friend Tanis and I went together and we had a great time. She is not middle aged and was clearly the young one in the bunch. 

Striped Coralroot

Western Meadow Rue


Mountain Lady's-slipper

Silky Lupine

Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Sticky Purple Geranium

Sticky Purple Geranium

During the Wildflower Festival there are all kinds of workshops and activities available for a week in the park.  You can view the wildflowers on horseback, hiking or take a workshop from professional photographers. You can do them all if you'd like. If you like to sketch or paint, there are workshops for that as well. 
Mark and I and another couple are going to the park on Thursday to listen to an author of nature books.  There is something for everyone. 
Frans Brouwers, on the right, was our instructor.  

Few-flowered Anemone (I think)


Tanis, John and Family said...

Your pictures are fantastic! I love your few flowered anenome, that one of the sticky purple geranium, your pic of the shooting star, and I WISH I'd seen the Western Meadow Rue!!! Okay- I just like them All!!

Thank you, THANK YOU for inviting me along. I admire the way you drink in our surroundings, and thanks to you- I now carry my flower twitcher at all times!

Marilou said...

I love the silky lupine. There is so much to the picture!
You are a great pho tog lee lee!

Kaylynn said...

I was also going to say the silky lupine was my favorite with the background. All of the pictures turned out super cool. Next time I see someone hunched over a flower on the side of the road, I will think of you.

Dixie Dee said...

Shooting Stars have long been my favorite flower! Great pictures Marilee, you are getting the camera thing figured out! Can't wait to see what's next!

Kari said...

Hi, Marilee--
Great photos, as usual! I like the mountain lady's slipper and shooting star best. What a neat tradition, this wildflower festival! :)