Friday, August 30, 2013

Mark's Favorite Pastime

Mark loves to fish!
I bet he catches a fish 90% of the time which means he rarely gets "skunked". 

 This summer Mark was gonna get that "lunker" that broke his line twice last year.  He knew it was a big one and he was on a mission this summer.

And here it is!

All 18 1/2" of it.  This is about as big a fish you can catch at the creek.  
He was pretty. darn. happy. about this catch. The first catch of the season.
We like to measure fish with anything we can find and our feet are pretty much always handy. 

 Whenever we go to the creek Mark fishes until the hotdogs are ready while the rest of us visit around the campfire. It's how we roll at the creek. 

 This is up at Crandell Lake in Waterton.

 You know what?  I kinda think that Mark got "skunked" at Crandell. 
Neal threw this one back in.  It just wasn't big enough.

 I bought Mark some muck boots for his birthday so he could cross the creeks and streams without getting wet. 
He looks so legit with his vest and boots. 

A happy happy man right there!  
He is always so good to pose for the camera. 

When Michelle visits, one of the things she wants to do is go fishing with her dad.

Hopefully Jordan doesn't mind Michelle giving him some pointers.  
She can bait a hook and even take a hook out.  Not sure she can do the rock hit though. 
I won't do that either. Yuck. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cahoon Reunion

It's time for a Cahoon Reunion post.  You will see a huge difference between the Hatch and Cahoon pictures, but only in quantity. I'm not talking quantity in pictures, I'm talking quantity in numbers. People numbers. Holy Moly! 

 A few days before the Cahoon reunion there was a George E. Cahoon cousins reunion.  George Edward had 9 children I believe with Mark's dad, Lervae, being the youngest and Ireta being the oldest.  I think all of the kids were represented but one family.  Mmmm, I could be wrong.   Yah, don't quote me on that.  Not that you are going to because this is just a blog post that you are reading.  What I do know is this.  There are only 2 spouses of the George E. Cahoon kids alive.  My mother in law, Joyce who turns 90 on September 23 and Aunt Edna. She is the wife of Uncle Leon and she turned 94 last month I believe. She is a walking book when it comes to Cahoon family information.  
It was so fun to talk with everyone and re-connect.  I especially loved it when everyone took a turn telling us their favourite memory of G.E. Cahoon and their time on the homestead right here in Leavitt. I belong to a great family. 

Joyce and 9 of her kids here at the reunion.  Renny wasn't able to come due to back problems and Colleen passed away in 1982 from a car accident on her way down to Rexburg for school.  There's my man right smack dab in the middle.  Oldest to youngest from right to left. 
l to r..Orlan, Merlene, Karen, Kathy, Mark, Grant. Pam. George and Bruce. 
And of course, Joyce, the family matriarch.

 Here are a few of the great grand kids of the Joyce and Lervae family.  I think I heard that Joyce has 92 great grand kids with 11 more due before the end of January.  8 boys, 2 girls and 1 waiting to find out.  That would be my Michelle.  She is going to wait and tell us what she and Jordan are having when Laurel gets home from her mission in 3 weeks!  

 We had a little shout out at the beginning of the reunion for Joyce.  Her 90th birthday shout out. This family loves their grandma!

There is Orlan leading us in song.  We are practicing a song for a flash mob of sorts. The song is version of Love at Home that is on the tape that Orlan and Colleen made just before heading off to school in Rexburg over 30 years ago. At this point we didn't know how we were going to pull this off. I really wondered about participating but after learning the song and knowing we were just going to sing it in a public place with no warning to the audience, I was in.  We sang it on the balcony inside the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton.  We were on 3 sides of the upper balcony over looking the lobby with all of us divided in parts.  First the sopranos sang, then the altos joined in and then the tenors and bass.  

It was our lucky month for church cleaning.  After the Cahoon get together on the first official day of the reunion which was at the church, after our church meetings, everyone chipped in to help clean. Jordan was pretty excited to use this vacuum cleaner.  Can't really blame him.  

 There are always foot races at a Cahoon reunion with grandma handing out liquorice to all the participants.  See this little train?  Kelly, Karen's husband, made this for the parade so his little grandkids could be in the parade.  

These are some of the pregnant mommas getting ready for a foot race.  They are all due in the next 4 months.  Crazy.  3 of them are sisters. 

 "Hi  Mark,
It's a great honor to meet your mother. She is so warm and softhearted. I won't forget her and her 96 grandchildren though  I can't name all of them for sure, but your voice will be in my heart. How great a woman can be! Hopefully, I can visit her when I come back to America next time.
Please send my best wishes to Joyce.
Sincerely yours

This note is from Helen, above, and her friend Dormar. They were in the lobby when we sang and they were both very touched.  They were with a group of teachers from Taiwan and had been in Washington state at a teachers convention before coming to Waterton.  They were so amazed that all of us singing, close to 100, were from the same family. Helen, in particular, was so taken with Joyce. 

And there you have it.  A Cahoon reunion update.  There were about 130 people this year which is pretty good considering the size of the family and everybody scattered all over the US. I would say that around close to 30 people were not able to make it. 
Love the t-shirts. Great idea Karen! 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hatch Reunion

tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.

The Hatch family had a reunion years ago when my parents lived in Lincoln, Montana, and although it was over 20 years ago I will count our reunion this year as #3.  Our #2 Hatch reunion was 4 years ago which shows that we have started a tradition. Yea!  This is a pretty huge deal.  I remember going to a family picnic/reunion in Brigham City, Utah when I was a little girl and the only thing I remember was aunt Rhea Budge with her red lipstick.  

The Hatch family is a pretty small group.  My father has 1 sister which means I have 1 aunt with 2 first cousins. My mother was an only child. Crazy isn't it? 
Small, very very small. 
Above is daddy, my brother David and of course my twin sister Lou Lou. Lou Lou made a scrumptious breakfast a few days before the official start of the reunion with the famous Hatch family tradition of Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. A third generation tradition to be specific. They tasted perfect in July! 

 On our way for a walk in the park and long over due visiting.

Of course we are missing our sister Susie. She is autistic and lives in northern California. 

This is our "figuring out the agenda" meeting.  There were a lot of options, but just like the last reunion up here, we chose to do the same activities.  Creek, ball game, Waterton, wiener roast.......

The family Patriarch.

Lou Lou taught us a new card game called, Lucky Unders.  There is Dallin, Kelly's husband in the kitchen making cowboy cookies.  They were huge. They were delicious. He made them two nights in a row so now during every Hatch reunion Dallin has a very important job.  

Lucky Unders was the adult game of choice because......

playing Scrabble involved too much thinking.  The cousins needed a challenge.  Pretty sure they didn't have as much fun as the grown-ups. 

Neal and little Gray. 

Sophie dancing for us.

Jonnie and Rio. Who doesn't like Rio?  She's the best.

Dixie was so nice to bring Downey and Shasta for the kids to ride. The kids loved it! 

Emma and Ella


Noah, Luke, and Will at our "cowboy supper". 

I'd say this is a ton of family for a Hatch reunion.  

Jon and Cher organized the ball game at the Leavitt ball diamond. David and his kids are pretty big fans of the game. My mother used to go to the San Fransisco Giants game.  Her and some ladies would get together and call it visiting teaching and she has passed down the love for the Giants on to David.

You gotta have spectators and

 party poopers.

"Great pitch Dave"

Only family picture. There were a few missing which always happens, but one good thing about family reunions they come back around. I vote for t-shirts next time. Wait until you see the Cahoon reunion family picture. So so fun. 

Break time. 
Steph, Mary-Anne and Kelly

The boys loved riding the Honda 50.  
Noah, Will and Jonnie.

Chris brought out his clay pigeons. Chris is throwing and Clark is shooting.  

And the creek. And where did we go this year since "27" is off limits now :(
We went to Cahoon Crossing, another family swimming hole from way back.  
The kids loved climbing up the bank. So did Rio.

David and Mary-Anne


Mark and Clark

Grandpa and Kristen having a very interesting conversation.  Grandpa has a plethora of interesting stories.  

Chris and Lou Lou

Brad and Kelly.  Engaged to be married on September 21. 

Sometimes you gotta take your own couple picture. Mark tolerates them, can you tell? 

Bookend twins with our nieces, Steph, Cher and Kristen. 

 The classic log picture on Waterton Lake. 

If you look really hard, you can see Trinn in his red t-shirt skipping a rock.  
Besides braving the frigid water the lake is superb for rock skipping. 

Sophie and Steph.

Picture perfect picture in picturesque Waterton. 

Funny picture right?  Wanna know what everyone was looking at? 

 Hail.  We had hail again this year!  The kids LOVED it!  Absolutely LOVED it!  
They were running around like mad, looking through every window.  Noah was the hero.  Our bathroom window screen had blown out and we had hail stones everywhere. 
 My flower garden was pounded on two years in a row. I was not happy.  My hosta plants were so so happy in their shade garden. There is always next year.  Hail in July has become a tradition. 

A full rainbow.

David celebrated his 60th birthday with greetings and fun you tube videos from far and wide.  
He is definitely loved!

Really really bad picture. 
The sucker in the middle says, "60 sucks".
Dollar store special.

Father and son.

And there you have it......

Another successful Hatch family reunion.  
Everybody wants another one in 2 years! 
Family and making memories are where it's at!