Friday, August 30, 2013

Mark's Favorite Pastime

Mark loves to fish!
I bet he catches a fish 90% of the time which means he rarely gets "skunked". 

 This summer Mark was gonna get that "lunker" that broke his line twice last year.  He knew it was a big one and he was on a mission this summer.

And here it is!

All 18 1/2" of it.  This is about as big a fish you can catch at the creek.  
He was pretty. darn. happy. about this catch. The first catch of the season.
We like to measure fish with anything we can find and our feet are pretty much always handy. 

 Whenever we go to the creek Mark fishes until the hotdogs are ready while the rest of us visit around the campfire. It's how we roll at the creek. 

 This is up at Crandell Lake in Waterton.

 You know what?  I kinda think that Mark got "skunked" at Crandell. 
Neal threw this one back in.  It just wasn't big enough.

 I bought Mark some muck boots for his birthday so he could cross the creeks and streams without getting wet. 
He looks so legit with his vest and boots. 

A happy happy man right there!  
He is always so good to pose for the camera. 

When Michelle visits, one of the things she wants to do is go fishing with her dad.

Hopefully Jordan doesn't mind Michelle giving him some pointers.  
She can bait a hook and even take a hook out.  Not sure she can do the rock hit though. 
I won't do that either. Yuck. 


Dixie Dee said...

GREAT Pictures! I really like the one of Mark at Crandell! Fun idea for a post! Mark is rather photogenic isn't he?

Marilou said...

Mark loves to fish.