Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Laurel is Home!

She left us in February 2012 for the MTC in Provo for 2 months learning Spanish.  She was suppose to head out to Argentina (Buenos Aires West mission) in April, but due to visa problems on Argentina's end she was re-assigned to the Washington, Spokane Mission, until her visa came through.  We finally got the call from her mission president in August that her visa had come through and that she would be leaving the next day for Argentina.  She arrived in Argentina days before her birthday (August 30) and was there just in time for the celebration of the re-dedication of the Buenos Aires Temple. 

Hermana Cahoon flew home into the Salt Lake City airport at 10:17 am on Saturday, September 21. 
So exciting!

 Marinn, on the right, and her cousin Kara, were there with these cute welcome home signs.  They were much more festive than us. We didn't make signs.  I can be boring like that. 

 My 3 boys just a waitin'. 

Here are the newlyweds. Michelle and Jordan & Kelly and Dallin.  

Looky here. It's Hermana Cahoon coming.  I was too excited to focus. 
 Can you even imagine?  19 months!

 I didn't think I would cry, but I did. 
 It was SO nice to see her and hug her.  One of the best moments of my life. 

 Laurel just didn't know what to do with herself. It was cute. 

 Orlan and Hillary and their kids came to welcome Laurel home.  She lived with them for a few months before deciding to go on a mission doing substitute teaching so she feels a closeness to them. 

 A complete family picture.

 These three sisters were in the same district at the MTC and they all traveled home on the same flight. 
Hermana Leavitt, Fernley and Cahoon. 

 An elevator family picture. Why not right?   

 Laurel chose her first meal at Kneaders at City Creek in Salt Lake. 

The girls cold not wait to "do their nails" together after church.  
It's just what they do. 

 Ok. Laurel has become a chef.  She can make empanadas ( dough filled with ham or cheese or a hamburger/beef mixture), milanesa (breaded chicken or beef), alfajores, which is a cookie with dulce de leche, and churros. 
Laurel brought home an authentic cookbook and made us churros for Sunday dessert. 
Argentinians don't use cinnamon on their churros. Just sugar. so good!

When we pulled into our driveway after driving for two days from California for Brad and Kelly's wedding, we saw this!  
It was a perfect ending for a dreamy 11 days together enjoying our kids. 
Laurel is home from her mission.
Brad got married to a wonderful girl.
Michelle and Jordan announced they are having a little girl in January. 


Kaylynn said...

It almost makes anyone teary to see those pictures of first hugging your returned missionary. Welcome home to Laurel!

Dixie Dee said...

Another great post Marilee!
I'm so happy for you that you had such a great time with your family! Return missionary,wedding, baby on the way, everyone together in the same place for longer than an hour, PERFECT!! So happy for Laurel and hope that the best is yet to come for everyone!! Love the "hugging your missionary" photo! So, so happy for you!!

Marilou said...

Great month of September!! But you forgot that Neal your very youngest child turned 18!!

mama jo said...

fantastic! what a great month you've had!