Monday, October 28, 2013

One Fall Day Part 2

Saturday was a pretty spectacular day.  
Friday was great too.  I went for a little drive across the border to just enjoy the great fall weather.  The air was still and warm.  I listened to Lady Antebellum until I crossed the border and then I put in a cd I bought at a gift store a few weeks ago with all songs about Montana so I could be in a Montana state of mind. It was great.  I think before I get started with my intended fall post I will throw in a few pictures from Friday. 

I needed to go to the post office in Babb, but then I decided to just keep driving. I just took pictures along the way that interested me. I actually took my nice camera to take pictures of buffalo.  Somebody bought a lot of them a few years ago. Like hundreds, and I thought it would be fun to take some close-ups like my bear picture. 

I entered this picture in a Waterton photo contest a few weeks ago and got third place. I was pretty excited about it! 
My prize is a one night stay in The Waterton Lodge Hotel. 

So last week the buffalo were RIGHT by the gate.  I had my iPad and took a few pictures, but nothing really great. I was really hoping to find them again by the gate on Friday, but they were far far away on the distant plains. Another time.  I really need to just bring my nice camera whenever I go to Waterton and Babb because you never ever know what you might see. 

 I love the layers in this pictures. These are cattle in recently farmed land because you can see the rows. 

 Just a pinto horse. Or is it an appaloosa. I think its a pinto. 

 This might be a little hard to spot, but if you look at the top edge of this mountain you can see a silhouette. This mountain is called, St. Mary and you can see her profile. She is facing upwards. Her chin to the left and then her lips and nose and forehead towards the right. 
See it? 

 Along the roads and highways in Montana they have white cross markers where people have died in accidents. This one caught my eye because it is so different that what you normally see. 

 This is St. Marys church in Babb.  I'm not even sure it is being used anymore. 

 Ok. Now see this?  I don't really know how I found out about this little white building, but it is an old jail. Long ago, it was a real working jail. It's built into the side of a hill. 
It is between Babb Elementary School and the fire station. I decided to pull into the school parking lot to get a closer picture and there was an older gentleman who had just pulled in as well with a horse trailer.  I asked him if he knew anything about the jail and he didn't but he said I could just go up and take a look inside. Why not right?  I just went through the barbed wire fence and walked up the hill. 

 I think this is crazy. 

 I think if these next pictures are in black and white it will be much more fun. 
More creepy and erie. 

 You can kind of see an old mattress in the corner.

 Ya gotta have a toilet right? 

 Nice view, isn't it? 

 Built in the side of the hill. I can't imagine this being too warm or cozy in the winter. Maybe it was a summer time jail. 
I actually went online to see if I could find some information on the old jail and couldn't find a thing. I went to good old facebook and Babb has a page. I posted a picture of the jail and asked if anyone had any info. or stories cuz I know there has got to be some. 
Here are a few replies to my facebook post. 

I remember that ol jail, I don't think anyone ever had keys to it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there was never a jurisdiction established. they would just put drunks in, and when they sobered up they would realize the doors were not locked. 

It was a water tank for the school before it was converted to a jail. The conversion came soon after liquor became legal on the rez. Early to mid 1950's.

I remember they had drunks in there sometimes n we would go up to the vent pipe n yell stuff at them...  I think Mike Cassidy peed in it more than once.......

Talk to some Canadian Indians they can tell u some horror stories

My Grandpa Rob used to tell me that his dad Amp Powell who was sheriff would put drunks in their until they would be transported to Browning or were released.

 On my way home from a fun field trip by my lonesome.  
It was fun and nice to "get away". 

Ok, so back to my post about yesterday.
It was such a nice fall day. Mark did some work in the morning and early afternoon while I helped Dixie and then we headed to the creek for one last visit.

 Do you see Rio in the tracks there? She loves going to the creek.  After we get off the highway and onto the gravel and the pastures we let her out and man does she run and run and run! She can run about 20mph. It's true. 

 Here she is looking out over the creek and scratching her tummy.  She couldn't wait to get in the water. 

 Rio is a good pal to have around at the creek.
Pretty sure she would scare off any bear or coyote. 

 I came to take pictures and enjoy the great weather.  We knew there was storm brewing and wanted to enjoy one last great day! The temperature was over 60 degrees!

 A selfie. 

 Clark will remember this spot. It is a dammed up area on the creek. 

Rio has never been able to figure out how to retrieve. It's so funny. Not that Rio could have brought this log back.  Small or big, she can't retrieve. I thought that was an instinct. 

 Cool beaver logs.  Look at the chewing marks. 

 Rio can't retrieve but she can catch rocks in mid air in her mouth! 
See the rock in the air? 

 Now she has a rock in her mouth.  Crazy girl!

 Just a view from the ground looking up. 

 The sun is setting on the fun day......

This was taken this afternoon. Sunday, October 27. 
Yep, it is now over 30 degrees colder in less than 24 hours!
 Goodbye fall, Hello winter!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Fall Day Part 1

So yesterday (Saturday) was forecast to be another good weather day.  We like a good forecast in these parts, especially this time of year when it could be snowing! 
Dixie and her dad have quite a few cattle between them and they needed to be taken back home for the winter.  Ranchers have more than one pasture for their cattle. They keep them close to home in the winter so they can be fed and watched in the spring when they calve. Then after the branding of the new calves is complete they are headed to "greener pastures" for the summer and fall months until it's time to separate the mommas from their babies.  The babies are taken to market and the mommas who are already pregnant, are taken back home. 

8am and ready head out. 

Oh Shasta. 

Look at the vastness.  It goes on forever and ever. It's a great view. 
This is "police tower" in Leavitt where we started the round-up. 

Does this not look like the wild wild west?  

I think there are about 50 or more cattle here. 

It's a long way home.  I think around 6 miles. 
Here we added 30 more cattle to the already 50.  

Heading into Leavitt.  See the steeple on the left?  I went to church there today. 

They get so thirsty and tired.  They slow down and start salivating.  The bull in the foreground was pretty pokey. He had foot rot and limped the whole way home. 

This little guy ended up going through a fence when it was almost home so we had to go back and get him after taking the big herd in.  He probably added another mile or two to his 6 mile journey.  Pretty sure he won't be doing that again. 

After a long ride, horses like to find a spot to roll around.  It's like self chiropractor work.  It's really good for them. Shasta is just sniffing for a sweet spot. 

Rolling rolling rolling......

After a hards days work they are now relaxing. 
Until next spring when we get to move the mommas and their new babies. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Open House in Springville

It really has been a whirlwind kinda month for us Cahoons.  Just being home for 2 weeks after the wedding in California we headed to Utah for the open house in Springville, Utah.  
It was also conference weekend so it was an extra fun weekend. 

Kelly put us to work getting the food and yard looking spectacular for the open house. 
 We all had a job. 
Laurel is putting double stuff Oreos in the glass cookie canister.  Kelly is slicing fruit and I made the cutest little vegetable and dip cups. The celery was pre-sliced so all I had to do was put ranch dressing in little tiny plastic cups then pop in the celery and pea pods on top. 
Super cute and fun idea. Kelly and Brad are all about fun. 

Neal's job was to string lights around the tree truck.  Mark is supervising here, but Tammy soon put Mark to work placing candles in jars and placing them on the deck railing. 

It turned out that the lights just didn't want to turn on after all that work. Not sure anyone noticed because everything else was so cute. 
BTW. That is Hobble Creek straight up in the backyard. 

Brad has a little dog.  Did you ever think that big Brad would have a little dog?  
It was rough going at times when Brad and Kelly were dating, but one day they both came to an understanding. Charley and Brad are super good with each other now. 

Look how fun the blankets look on the chairs. Super cozy right? 

Mark's insisted he take a picture of me. 

Yep, another American flag. You know the song, I'm Proud to Be an American? Love it! 
It makes me cry every time. 

J dogs.  Man, they were good! 

Kelly's photo bomb.....

and Brad's.

Uncle David probably speaking Spanish with Laurel.  He served his mission in Uruguay/Paraguay. 

Mary Anne was so kind enough to bring Brad his pistol from Virginia. 
Super cute picture, right? 

Look how fun.  Kelly is wearing her veil while opening their gifts.
I just love that. 

Neal missed his big sister.

We were able to get tickets for the afternoon session of general conference.  I loved it! 
Thanks Orlan and Hillary. To be on the 11th row means you know somebody who has connections.

Kinda retro.
Clark and me in downtown SLC. 

And another iPhone photo from Nealster. 

Because Michelle and Jordan live right by the U of U and Clark lives right downtown we have come to really like Salt Lake.  It seems that all of our trips to Utah in the past have been to Provo and now that no one lives there we don't go anymore. In fact, Laurel just found a place downtown as well. 
We will forgive Brad and Kelly. They live in Springville. For now.