Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brad + Kelly = Mr. and Mrs. Cahoon

Another wedding in our family! 
Brad married Kelly O'Reilly on September 21, in the Redlands, CA temple.  
We love her!
This is a long post with tons of pictures. 
 I get my blogs printed into a book every year so this post serves as a photo album as well as a journal. 
Here goes........

Can I just say that I do not like "rah rah" photos?
"I do not like rah rah photos".

3 generations with soon to be 4. 

Kit, Whitney, Tammy, Brad&Kelly, Kevin, Lindsey and Lanni

Allison Holtby, Clint Haglund, Neal Watterson (Kalood pal), Nate and his wife Ashleigh Baldwin, Randy and Jennifer Meru and their little baby, Mark Davis and KJ and Shayla Wood came out for the wedding.  There were a few who did not make the photo. My father, Dixie and Nate's mom and dad, Wayne and Heidi were hiding. Actually, I'm assuming they didn't hear the shout out. 

Kelly had a photographer, but she said I could take pictures too and I'm so glad cuz I love these turned out.
The weather was perfect because it was late afternoon, the softness of the colors and clothes were perfect and man alive, these two love birds love each other and have so much fun together. 

Brad thought he was tall at 6'3" but compared to his two new brother in laws he doesn't look so tall.

Kelly's sister, Whitney, had a baby a couple of months ago and Mark grabbed the opportunity to hold him while pictures were taken. We will have our own little granddaughter in January. CANNOT wait!

Our whole little family together after 19 months.  When Laurel left on her mission in February 2012, Michelle was only engaged to Jordan.  We have since added a son in law and daughter in law and Michelle and Jordan are expecting.  

Just beyond those trees is the steeple to the Redlands Temple.  

The reception was held at The O'Reilly's which was so perfectly beautiful!

No cake. Just a donut tower.

Kelly made 4 different kinds of cookies for the guests to take home in little boxes.

Kelly's home has a long driveway so Neal and a cousin each had a golf cart to take guests up to the house. Neal loved it!  He got a kick out of complete strangers (to him) knowing him.  They knew him and he not a clue who they were.  
Bev and Jon VanSkoyk, Wayne and Heidi Baldwin, Aaron and his wife, Maren and Nancy and Jose Barajas came from Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks. It was really really nice to see and visit with them. 

Youngest to oldest.  They totally humoured their mother with this profile picture.

Kelly loves carnival food.

There are huge bullfrogs in that pond and Neal had a blast feeding them cute little live white mice. 

Will always love the American flag. Always. 

Clint and Nate were giving Brad clean, new, crisp $1 bills throughout the night and at the end Clint just threw the rest up in the air. 

Not the end, just the beginning! 


MLH said...

It would be hard for a Pro Photog to better these Lee Lee. What a happy day for you.

Dixie Dee said...

Love how you can tell a story, love how you can capture the moment, and love that Brad and Kelly are so happy!!
Great photos Marilee and all the best to the happy couple!!
Can't wait for the next story.

Marilou said...

There aren't enough words.

Kaylynn said...

Awesome pictures! What a great family. And you have to be so happy for Brad after waiting a long time to be married happily ever after!