Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grandma Cahoon Turns 90!

It has been a very busy few weeks! 
Laurel coming home from her mission to Argentina (flying into SLC) was our first great family excitement.  A week later Brad and Kelly were married in California. Three days later we were back home in Alberta helping the family celebrate Joyce's 90th birthday on September 23 and then 2 weeks later we drove back down to Utah for Brad and Kelly's open house in Springville, Utah. 
It has been a lot of driving, but I count driving as part of the adventure so it's fun. 

 Doesn't Joyce look great?  90 years is a long time to live.  
She lives in the Chinook, an inclusive place with everything she needs to meals prepared and served, exercise classes, family home evenings and church. She is even part of the choir. 
 She is well taken care of that is for sure.

 Laurel has always had a special place in her heart for her grandma Cahoon.  
This was the first time they saw each other since Laurel returning home from Argentina.  

 Oh yes. A musical number. Of course. 
What would a Cahoon get together be without a musical number. 

 And a flute number by Grant and Karen.

Laurel sang, "Abide With Me" and shared some thoughts from her mission.

There was a good turnout for her birthday.

Karen, Kathy and Merlene set up a table with things that tell a little about Joyce along with some finger foods like mini cupcakes, fruit and most important, Kathy's turtles for everyone to enjoy.  Joyce loves them so much that Kathy makes sure her mom gets a batch every once in awhile.  

Joyce is in front, on the left.

Lervae and Joyce on Cameron Lake.

 Their wedding day on July 18, 1942

40th Wedding Anniversary

 I mean really now.  7 kids with 4 more to come. 
Mark is in front on the right. 

K. I'm thinking that Bruce is on his mission. 
That is Colleen with the little white dress on so I'm also thinking that Orlan is just a baby or not born yet. 
Mark is wearing the checkered shirt. 

 1967 maybe? 
This picture was taken in front of the fireplace at the house in Leavitt. 
Mark is on the far right.

Merlene, Kathy and Pam were able to make it for the party.  We missed Orlan and Renny.  
Not bad. Not bad at all. 


Mark said...

Nice job Marilee! Great photos.

Laurel Lee Cahoon said...

Wow mom that was a great post! you are good at everything you do!!!

Marilou said...

The Cahoon family is a great family and it seems you run in one of the siblings no matter where you go!
Joyce should be VERY proud! I'm sure she is!

Dixie Dee said...

What a family! Joyce is looking great and what a legacy she has!
Great photos and a great story! Fun post Marilee!

Kaylynn said...

That is a great collection of photos of Joyce's life. 11 kids. Wow, that is a lot of kids. And I am still waiting to hear Laurel sing. I guess I should have come to the party:)