Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Fall Day Part 1

So yesterday (Saturday) was forecast to be another good weather day.  We like a good forecast in these parts, especially this time of year when it could be snowing! 
Dixie and her dad have quite a few cattle between them and they needed to be taken back home for the winter.  Ranchers have more than one pasture for their cattle. They keep them close to home in the winter so they can be fed and watched in the spring when they calve. Then after the branding of the new calves is complete they are headed to "greener pastures" for the summer and fall months until it's time to separate the mommas from their babies.  The babies are taken to market and the mommas who are already pregnant, are taken back home. 

8am and ready head out. 

Oh Shasta. 

Look at the vastness.  It goes on forever and ever. It's a great view. 
This is "police tower" in Leavitt where we started the round-up. 

Does this not look like the wild wild west?  

I think there are about 50 or more cattle here. 

It's a long way home.  I think around 6 miles. 
Here we added 30 more cattle to the already 50.  

Heading into Leavitt.  See the steeple on the left?  I went to church there today. 

They get so thirsty and tired.  They slow down and start salivating.  The bull in the foreground was pretty pokey. He had foot rot and limped the whole way home. 

This little guy ended up going through a fence when it was almost home so we had to go back and get him after taking the big herd in.  He probably added another mile or two to his 6 mile journey.  Pretty sure he won't be doing that again. 

After a long ride, horses like to find a spot to roll around.  It's like self chiropractor work.  It's really good for them. Shasta is just sniffing for a sweet spot. 

Rolling rolling rolling......

After a hards days work they are now relaxing. 
Until next spring when we get to move the mommas and their new babies. 


Dixie Dee said...

A beautiful Fall Day for sure! Love the black and white effect! Neat picture of the cow and calf coming off the rocks! The shadow picture is neat and I love how the mountains LOOM in the background.
I think it's cool how the horses are grey and the pics have grey to them!
Fun post, so glad you rode and enjoyed the Fall Day!!

Marilou said...

That horse shadow is really neat!

Kari said...

This "Photo Journal" of the day really tells the story, Marilee. Those fields do seem to stretch on indefinitely. Thanks for posting! :)

JillN said...

I love your photo stories. I liked the one with the shadow of your horse with cows in the background. Riding horses on a beautiful fall day is almost as fun as shopping in Montana.
From Kaylynn