Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Open House in Springville

It really has been a whirlwind kinda month for us Cahoons.  Just being home for 2 weeks after the wedding in California we headed to Utah for the open house in Springville, Utah.  
It was also conference weekend so it was an extra fun weekend. 

Kelly put us to work getting the food and yard looking spectacular for the open house. 
 We all had a job. 
Laurel is putting double stuff Oreos in the glass cookie canister.  Kelly is slicing fruit and I made the cutest little vegetable and dip cups. The celery was pre-sliced so all I had to do was put ranch dressing in little tiny plastic cups then pop in the celery and pea pods on top. 
Super cute and fun idea. Kelly and Brad are all about fun. 

Neal's job was to string lights around the tree truck.  Mark is supervising here, but Tammy soon put Mark to work placing candles in jars and placing them on the deck railing. 

It turned out that the lights just didn't want to turn on after all that work. Not sure anyone noticed because everything else was so cute. 
BTW. That is Hobble Creek straight up in the backyard. 

Brad has a little dog.  Did you ever think that big Brad would have a little dog?  
It was rough going at times when Brad and Kelly were dating, but one day they both came to an understanding. Charley and Brad are super good with each other now. 

Look how fun the blankets look on the chairs. Super cozy right? 

Mark's insisted he take a picture of me. 

Yep, another American flag. You know the song, I'm Proud to Be an American? Love it! 
It makes me cry every time. 

J dogs.  Man, they were good! 

Kelly's photo bomb.....

and Brad's.

Uncle David probably speaking Spanish with Laurel.  He served his mission in Uruguay/Paraguay. 

Mary Anne was so kind enough to bring Brad his pistol from Virginia. 
Super cute picture, right? 

Look how fun.  Kelly is wearing her veil while opening their gifts.
I just love that. 

Neal missed his big sister.

We were able to get tickets for the afternoon session of general conference.  I loved it! 
Thanks Orlan and Hillary. To be on the 11th row means you know somebody who has connections.

Kinda retro.
Clark and me in downtown SLC. 

And another iPhone photo from Nealster. 

Because Michelle and Jordan live right by the U of U and Clark lives right downtown we have come to really like Salt Lake.  It seems that all of our trips to Utah in the past have been to Provo and now that no one lives there we don't go anymore. In fact, Laurel just found a place downtown as well. 
We will forgive Brad and Kelly. They live in Springville. For now. 


Dixie Dee said...

Love it!!
Great photos Of Course!
Really like the one of Brad in the mirror and very nice photo Mark took of you!
Buying a Condo in Salt Lake soon?

Marilou said...

I've got to do something with my hair!!

MLH said...

It was a wonderful evening with a very happy couple!

Kaylynn said...

It looks like that open house could have been in a wedding magazine. So cute! And what a fun place for Brad and Kelly to live.

Marilou said...

And that picture that Mark took of you in your new dress is smashing!

Kari said...

OK, I'm a little bit behind since I am just now reading this post...Wowie, Marilee!! Everything was just perfect. And all the pictures of Brad & Kelly are SO CUTE! :)