Saturday, October 12, 2013

Salon Day before The Wedding

Kelly had a vision of loveliness for her wedding.  If the bridesmaids wanted their eyelashes done they could.  If they wanted their make-up done they could have that too. The only thing that was not optional was a trip to the salon for their hair.  
Kelly asked me to take pictures of this fun morning.  She thought her dad might feel a touch out of place, but then being the father of 5 daughters and no sons, I kinda think he would have felt pretty comfortable. 

 Juice and donuts?  Of course!

Lindsey's hairdo reminded me of someone.  
Martha Washington.  All the girls had their "Martha moment". 

As you can see I decided to not get my eyelashes, my make-up or my hair done.
I can be boring like that sometimes. 


JillN said...

What a fun day! Even though you were only the photographer. Lots of cute girls everywhere!

JillN said...

That was really from Kaylynn

Dixie Dee said...

Looks like everyone had fun!!
What a fine group of beautiful women inside and out!!