Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy (very belated) Birthday Neal!

Neal is 18 years old. Can you believe it?  My youngest child is 18 years old!
Crazy I tell ya. 
His birthday was way back in September when big family things were happening.
Laurel came home from her mission on Saturday, September 14 and then the following week Brad and Kelly were married.  Poor Neal celebrated his birthday, September 22, in the car driving home from California.  We did manage to stop in St. George at the Bear Cafe for dinner to celebrate.

Neal has always loved rubber boots. He now owns a pair of Muck boots. Steel toed of course.

Neal comes up with some good laughs sometimes.  He's a character. 

Singing is not one of his favorite things to do, but for Grandma Cahoons 90th birthday he bit the bullet. 

Speaking of bullets. He likes to shoot stuff.

Kelly gave Brad a clay pigeon launcher for his birthday and it looks like Clark and Neal are having a really funny moment. It's super great when your kids laugh together. 

 I'm surprised that Clark doesn't have his iPhone out taking pictures here.  
The color of the lake that day was spectacular. 

 Neal has become quite the little iPhone photographer.

 We had fun hiking up to Crandell Lake in Waterton.  Neal wanted to try his hand at fly fishing. 

 Neal loves tractors and motorbikes and big trucks. Right here he is "grading" our gravel. That's a pallet he has rigged up and then added some weight to it. He does a really good job and smoothing out those little rocks so we can have a smooth ride. 

 I know. He should be wearing a helmet. I remind him all the time.

 Yep, that's a real live toad and yep, that's a real life mouse.
 And yep, Neal fed that mouse to that toad. 

I love this picture of the two of them.  Neal really missed Laurel while she was on her mission. They have a special somethin somethin. 
Happy 18th Birthday Nealster. 
We all super duper love you!


Marilou said...

I can't decide what picture is my favorite? But I do know that I super duper love Neal too!
Happy birthday!!
PS The lake shot head shot is really cool though!
And the one of Neal standing on grandma Cahoon's dryer is so,cute!

Dixie Dee said...

Wow,love all those pictures! Neal is an adult now??!! So cool! You don't look old enough to have ALL adult children. Happy Birthday to the One and Only Nealster!!
The head shot in the lake is super duper cool! Lots of laughs with Neal!
Love ya Neal!!

Keira_W_Morada said...
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Kari said...

What a great post, Marilee! And amazing pictures of course. Nice rainbow, Neal, and the sun setting on the field. (I'm still gagging a little on the huge toad and mouse photo -- and he is wearing a white shirt and tie, no less!!!)

I'm remembering Neal in Cub Scouts. Can't believe he's all grown up :)

Kaylynn said...

Neal is a great and fun kid. I love seeing the pictures he takes. I was impressed he was shoveling snow at the church last night - he takes his assignments seriously!

Heather said...

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