Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanksgiving in Utah

This year we had two Thanksgiving meals. One in October at Lou Lou's for Canadian Thanksgiving and then we drove to Utah and had one at Brad and Kelly's in Springville at the Log House.
The meal was delish complete with turkey, ham and a prime rib roast along with lots of side dishes and 3 kinds of pie. 
We were full by the end of evening!

 I think this picture is funny. Who is Laurel talking to?  Who is Clark talking to? I think they are talking with each other, but then maybe not. It's odd for sure.

 Just hanging out. 

 Michelle looks like a natural in that rocking chair with "baby girl" Bledsoe.

 Kelly and her mom, Tammy put on a spectacular spread.

 It was fun to be with our new extended family again. Brad married into a great family.

 Jordan likes to steal Michelle's scarves.  It's funny to me. 

 We're glad you are back home Laurel so these mother daughter selfies are complete!

 Laurel is having fun with Kelly's cute little nephew. I asked Laurel to watch my little camera and when I downloaded the photos tonight I found some pretty cute pictures that he took. 
Here is the first one. 

 He's three.

 He took a picture of his mommy. 

 And a picture of his uncles, JR and Brad.

 His aunty Kelly.


 And me. "thanks for taking care of my camera".  If he only knew that this is my 3rd little camera in three years due to mishaps on a horse.  I was happy to get my camera back with no damage. Whew!

We got tickets to the BYU vs Utah State game in Salt Lake so we decided to get a quick bite to eat beforehand. 
MMmm, Mo Bettah Steaks in Salt Lake.  We were introduced to this plate lunch place when Lou Lou's daughter Kelly was married last March.  Teriyaki chicken, 1 scoop rice and 1 scoop macaroni complete with a Hawaiian Sun drink.  It's almost like being in Hawaii. Aloooooha!

 A little blurry, but I thought this was a fun picture.  It was a cold night and we had a long way to walk from City Creek to the Energy Solutions Center. 

 Look who I caught taking a picture?  

 This picture is a little busy, but look at the two blurry guys in the air.  They ran up to these mini trampolines, jumped and then dunked the ball. It was lots of fun to watch.  They had to jump over the cheerleaders. 

 After the game (btw BYU beat Utah State) we walked around Temple Square.  So so pretty.  

 Me and my boys. 

We had a really great time on this trip.  I am really enjoying our trips to visit the kids in Salt Lake.  For sooooo many years we headed to Provo when they were going to BYU, but now Clark, Laurel and Michelle & Jordan live in downtown Salt Lake with Brad & Kelly in Springville.