Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This is not just "a" bull sale catalog. 
It is "the" bull sale catalog.
My first bull sale catalog. 
Yep, I was asked to help out with the catalog this year for Rock. 
Remember him from my photo shoot on New years Day?  
I'm telling you again that Rock and Shauna Smith are totally legit ranchers here. 
They have an annual horse sale in the fall and a bull sale every March too. 

 Their daughter Lauren, who is Michelle's age has been putting this catalog together for the last 10 years, but because of major health problems in recent weeks she wasn't able to help so Rock asked if I would be able to. 
You bet I can. 

There are a TON of things to do in order to put this catalog together.  

These 1 year old bulls need to be weighed periodically in order to figure out how much average weight they gain daily. 
You have to have their semen ( I know. I said it) tested to make sure these guys will be good producers.  I haven't asked Rock how that's even done.  I'll ask Shauna one of these days. 
You also have to measure their, well, to put it in ladylike terms, their scrotum.  
The bigger the better apparently. 
You also need to get them all cleaned up for the sale which Neal helped with this year and last year. 
Get this.  You shave around the bulls' head. 
Anyway, there is a lot of information on these catalog pages, stuff a rancher needs to know in order to buy the best bull for their herd of wanna be mommas.  
Pedigree is a very important part of the information.  Cows have important genetics too.

I got to take the photographs!  
This one here is just a "whatever" picture.  

This is a very dirty bull. 
Not the best photo for a catalog, but you gotta do with what you have. 

This is more like it. 
You want them facing you or facing forward with their legs just right so the buyer can get an idea of how they are built. Rock has "regulars" that come to his bull sale every year and those ranchers will be mailed a catalog before the sale which helps with quicker bidding on the day of the sale. 

He looks mean.  All these guys were real nice to me while I took their pictures.  
It is a two person job though.  I had the camera and Rock got them in position for me. Rock took some pictures too and he didn't need my help because he is a bull professional.  
These pictures make it seem like it was a real mild warm winters day. 
Nope. It was COLD! 

Well, clearly I didn't this picture.  You might be thinking I am taking a picture of this bull, but nope.
On the other side of the fence was a cow of another color poking his nose around so I thought I had better get a picture. 

 I'm not sure why this straw was more desirable but I guess the saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side" is true for cows too. 

 Rock really likes this picture. He likes the uniformity. 
I took this on New Years Day and it's s a good thing I did because.......

 Ta Da!

 The Beef Illustrated wanted to do a story on the Smith family and they needed pictures which was the main reason I took the pictures on New Years Day.  
Rock sent in a  few and they chose this cover photo too.
I'm pretty excited about it all. 
I can say that I have been in Beef Illustrated and Sports Illustrated.  
That last little tidbit is a secret that not many people know about. 
I might share it someday. 

 My cute stylish boots and my skinny jeans got poop on the them.
I really should have worn my Wranglers and I think I need my own pair of muck boots.

The sale went well today. Lots of bulls were sold at good prices.
I kinda wished I was in the market for a bull, but we need to buy cows first right?
First things first. 

And look what I saw on the bulletin board. 
My picture on the CU Ranch poster. And then, if you you look on the upper right hand corner of the newspaper sitting on the table, there is another one of my pictures. The one with the bulls looking into the camera. It is used as a picture ad for the sale today.
I think it's cool.