Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Springtime in Waterton

Lou Lou and Chris decided to come for a visit yesterday.  Like they say, " you gotta take advantage of the weather when it's nice".  They came out prepared to go gopher hunting, but Mark and I were already planning a hike in Waterton so of course they came with us. 
Look what we saw!
 Little newborn bear cubs.  I mean, come on.  They were just frolicking in the trees like pros.  
Mama bears have their cubs while hibernating. They wake up and Bam they have babies.  
I think these little cubbies were just weeks old.  

 Isn't Mark funny?  He wanted a picture with the mommy bear. 
Just after the picture was taken the park guys pulled up to our car and said that wasn't a very good idea.  
We knew that. 

 Are these gophers or squirrels?  I'm not exactly sure, but I do know they like to pose for cameras.

 That's me on the ground alright.  Lou Lou and I were walking on a trail and she distracted me with her clapping to scare off the bears and before I knew it I was falling.  I bruised my knees and scraped the palm of my hand just like we all used to do when we were little.  The lucky part about this fall was I did not let my camera go!  Yah, I had my sweet lens on and because it is heavy I had it in my hand with the strap around my neck.  I could not let that camera go.  No way, no how!  
I thankfully had a lens protector on and all is well. It barely touched the ground.  

Lou Lou grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the mishap.  

 This is Chris and Lou Lou in case you were confused. Curtis Pilling from our ward told me on Sunday that he saw me in Walmart last week, but didn't want to say hi just in case it wasn't me ( it was) and feel silly.  A few days ago, Lou Lou and Chris were at Wendy's and over heard someone say my name. They probably thought Lou Lou was me and couldn't figure out why I was with someone else.  
I forget that not everybody in the whole wide world knows I am a twin.  I told Curtis that Lou Lou was moving  so after the summer if he ever sees me anywhere, it will always be me! 

 The wild flowers are just starting to emerge. 

 It's Chris and Lou Lou again. 

FYI when I go grocery shopping I by a lot of things in 2's. 

 No, Lou Lou did not go through with this. 
That's a Glacier Lilly.

 Just a  bear just walkin' down the road. 

 He sat down to eat. 

Mark came up with a funny caption.
"eenie meenie miney mo"
Do you get it? 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Camryn Ray's Blessing

Mark, Neal and I made a very quick trip to Utah last weekend for Camryn's blessing. 
We left home on Friday morning and were back home Monday night. 
I think I am pretty safe to say that this will be the VERY last time school will interfere with life.
Yep, Neal graduates at the end of the month and I cannot tell you how great that day will be. 

Look how much "baby girl" has grown up in 3 1/2 months! 

It's crazy.  
She went from 6 pounds at birth (3 weeks early) to.........

doubling her weight at 4 months.

                                                                                 Camryn loves bathtime.
 A lot! 

This is the first time Neal has seen Camryn.  
His very first niece.  He fell in love with her instantly and was amazed how much he felt for her.
(I was trying out a fixed lens that I haven't used much so some of these pictures are a little blurry where they should be clear

It was very very nice to have our whole family together for this special occasion.  
Jordan gave Camryn a very nice blessing.

 The happy family!

 Great Grandpa Hatch! 

Yea, a 4 generation family picture! 

 These two are just the perfect match.

 After the blessing we went to Kaysville for a little get together and lunch at the Bledsoe's home.
It was a small gathering which made it really nice to get to know Jordan's family a bit more. 

This is Julia, Michelle's best friend form California. She returned from her mission to Russia awhile ago and is majoring in Russian at BYU.

 Neal is waiting very patiently to hold Camryn. 

Brad is gonna make a cute daddy one day.  

LOVE this picture. 
I wanna go back to Utah and be with all my kids, darn it all anyways!

Neal loved hanging out with Jordans' little sisters, Madison and Katie.
Next visit will have to be longer because they had a really great time together.  

Clark lives in downtown Salt Lake at a house called The Marilyn Mansion.
It's an old polygamy home and it's pretty cool. 
We have a rental in Provo and we call it The Lodge.  Mark grew up in a house where the bedrooms were named: yellow room, double bed room, waterbed room, white room, grandkids room.  We have a room in our house called The Aloha Room so
I guess naming houses and rooms is hereditary. 

Clark has a cool backyard too.  He has a garden and two years ago he built a chicken coop with chickens that lay eggs which is cool in it's self, but he has taken up a new hobby. 

There he is holding up a peace sign.

He bought 5lbs of bees and has a box with a queen bee so Clark is an official bee keeper.
I think Salt City Honey has a nice ring. 

Pouring bees. Weird. 

 This is Camryn's first introduction to solid foods.
Michelle was excited for us to be there for the big moment and I'm glad she waited. 
It was cute and Camryn quite liked her rice cereal. 

Yah, it was a family affair.
Laurel loves her daddy.

Jordan had to give it a whirl too. 

Oh gosh. I can hardly stand it! 
I want to go back to Utah. 
I'm just not sure I can wait until August to see
"baby girl" again.