Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Springtime in Waterton

Lou Lou and Chris decided to come for a visit yesterday.  Like they say, " you gotta take advantage of the weather when it's nice".  They came out prepared to go gopher hunting, but Mark and I were already planning a hike in Waterton so of course they came with us. 
Look what we saw!
 Little newborn bear cubs.  I mean, come on.  They were just frolicking in the trees like pros.  
Mama bears have their cubs while hibernating. They wake up and Bam they have babies.  
I think these little cubbies were just weeks old.  

 Isn't Mark funny?  He wanted a picture with the mommy bear. 
Just after the picture was taken the park guys pulled up to our car and said that wasn't a very good idea.  
We knew that. 

 Are these gophers or squirrels?  I'm not exactly sure, but I do know they like to pose for cameras.

 That's me on the ground alright.  Lou Lou and I were walking on a trail and she distracted me with her clapping to scare off the bears and before I knew it I was falling.  I bruised my knees and scraped the palm of my hand just like we all used to do when we were little.  The lucky part about this fall was I did not let my camera go!  Yah, I had my sweet lens on and because it is heavy I had it in my hand with the strap around my neck.  I could not let that camera go.  No way, no how!  
I thankfully had a lens protector on and all is well. It barely touched the ground.  

Lou Lou grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the mishap.  

 This is Chris and Lou Lou in case you were confused. Curtis Pilling from our ward told me on Sunday that he saw me in Walmart last week, but didn't want to say hi just in case it wasn't me ( it was) and feel silly.  A few days ago, Lou Lou and Chris were at Wendy's and over heard someone say my name. They probably thought Lou Lou was me and couldn't figure out why I was with someone else.  
I forget that not everybody in the whole wide world knows I am a twin.  I told Curtis that Lou Lou was moving  so after the summer if he ever sees me anywhere, it will always be me! 

 The wild flowers are just starting to emerge. 

 It's Chris and Lou Lou again. 

FYI when I go grocery shopping I by a lot of things in 2's. 

 No, Lou Lou did not go through with this. 
That's a Glacier Lilly.

 Just a  bear just walkin' down the road. 

 He sat down to eat. 

Mark came up with a funny caption.
"eenie meenie miney mo"
Do you get it? 


Dixie Dee said...

Oh,Waterton looks great! No wind! Beautiful! What fun picture's! Bears in trees playng, Awesome, Mark posing with Momma Bear, "Brave?" saving camera's at all costs, Extraordinary! When the sun is out we need to be out! Good for you getting out there and enjoying that! Those flowers are great!

Laurel Cahoon said...

wait...lou lou and chris are moving?

Megan said...

I love the pictures. I ditto Laurel. They're moving?

Kaylynn said...

Awesome pictures - I love that there is finally more color in the world again. And I am glad your camera survived the fall.

Christie Hunter said...

Beautiful pictures and scenery! Glad you saved the camera...very good reflexes! No......Lou lou can't move! Where are they going?

Kari said...

Marilee! These are great pictures! Baby bears that you just "happened" to see...? Really? Just amazing.

Marilou said...

That was a really fun unexpected day!

👏👏👏 ha!!

And yes, we are moving. To Medicine Hat. Blah!