Friday, June 6, 2014


It's branding season in these parts. 
The May long weekend, which is a week earlier than those of you in the United States is when gardens are safe to plant and branding is done. It really does depend on the weather though. 
A lot depends on the weather around here.  Most everything.  

Branding at the Bevans' was done on two different weekends.
First was Dixie and her 24 babies, then her dad and brother branded their almost 300 babies.
It's a party though. A branding party!
(these pictures below are from both branding days)

First things first when getting ready to brand. Organization is the key.
You have to separate the mommas from their babies by rounding them up and then putting them in a corral for sorting. 

The babies don't really know what is going on, but the mommas do. They go through this same ordeal/production every spring; keep the babies in the corral and shoo the mommas out. 

Here is Jill with her catch.  

Here is her grandpa with his catch.
See the momma on the other side of the fence?  She wants her baby. 

Cousins having fun. 
It's party time. 

Everybody has a job to do when it comes to branding. I had two.
I was the self designated photographer and also held the bucket for Lou Lou and Dixie with the ear tag parts. Big big job!

Jill's grandma had the warm job of heating up the branding irons.

This was not the only job for Joy.  She also made the fixins' for the lunch afterwards. 
Can you guess what what this little pooch is eating? Sometimes "items' are thrown around and you never know where they end up.

 Chris wanted to get right in there with branding this year.  He secretly is thinking about having cattle in 10 years after retirement. 
You gotta pick up the baby and plop her down in order for the work to be done. 
Some ranchers use a metal shoot for branding, but these guys do it the old fashioned way. 

Chris is being shown the ropes by Rod. 
This momma wants her baby too. 
Just wait until the babies go to market. The babies want their mommas and the mommas want their babies. There is a lot of mooing going on then.  Super sad.

This has GOT to hurt.  Hide or no hide, there is a hot iron on your skin. 

BTW, the smoke stinks if you are down wind. 

Look at Lou Lou go. She was the official ear tag gal after she got the hang of it. 

I consider Denver to be one of the "good ole boys". 
He runs the ranch. 

You do not want to know where this knife has been. 

It was used for cutting off.......
People eat those "items'. 

Look at all this busy-ness. It takes two to hold down the baby, one to tag the ear, one to cut out the ....,
one to salt the wound, one to give the the shot and sometimes 3 to brand, but only if a baby is involved.  
If all goes well then it takes mere seconds to take care of this calf.

Somebody has to collect the goods for a BBQ. 
One day Lou Lou and I are gonna try these branding delicacies.

This girl can brand with the best of them, manicured nails or not.  

Poor Shasta and her friend got spooked while tied up to this iron gate/fence.
See her pulling back? 

These guys took care of business and all was well.  

Do we look like twins? 
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. 
Lou Lou and Dixie, the official ear taggers.
It's too bad it was cool and cloudy because the back drop of the mountains with Old Chief would have been spectacular. 

Joy really outdid herself with the yummy food this year. 
The end.