Monday, July 7, 2014

Neal is a High School Graduate!

Our last one has finished high school. 
It's crazy. All of our kids are all grown up.  When you start having kids you really don't think this time will ever come and looking back it doesn't seem all that long ago when Clark started school.

Yep, found a few more pics of "baby girl" I just had to put in this post.
This time Camryn is reading The National Geographic. 

Aunty Laurel and Camryn have matching outfits.

See Neal's graduation picture in the background? 
Totally legit with the cap and gown don't you think? 

 It was a little emotional I have to say. 

 Michelle gave the first congratulatory hug.  Clark, Brad and Laurel all graduated from the same school (Newbury Park High School) and Michelle and Neal graduated from the same school (Cardston High School) .

 It's been a tradition making carnation leis for the kids at graduation.

 Wait a second....that's my top Laurel.  Did you put that back in my closet?  I kinda think you didn't.

 All of the kids came up for the big day although Brad and Kelly are not in the picture.  Kelly was not feeling well so they had to get home.  Clark surprised me with an early morning greeting after driving all night and then sleeping in the bed of his truck until the border opened up at 7am. 

 Neal was awarded this certificate for his interest and talent in the construction area.  He is becoming a really great welder and builder of things. A $300 check came with this sweet certificate to further his schooling. 

 Here in Canada they don't have prom, it is called "grad" and it coincides with graduation.  Neal took Ashtyn Harris.  They have a lot of fun together. Her dress reminds me of Kelly's wedding dress.
Thursday night was the official graduation ceremony and then Friday was a dinner with the graduates and family members with a program.  After that the dance and then after that was the all night party which ended with breakfast.  Neal was home by 5am. 
Clark, Brad and Laurel went to Disneyland for their all night party the day before graduation. 

 Ah, Neal! 
We love you!
PS. LOVE the pink shirt on Mark.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Camryn's Visit

Wanna know why Camryn was here at the end of June?  
Well, because Neal graduated from high school and she wanted to be here for it!

She is the cutest granddaughter in all the world and I mean the whole wide world!

I'm pretty sure Uncle Neal was first to pose for pictures with Camryn.

 Grandpa is just showing Camryn the Waterton fishing guide.  Hopefully she will love to fish like her grandpa and mommy. 

 She loves her grandma for sure!

 Mark has always been a whiz with babies.  With 10 brothers ands sisters with him being smack dab in the middle he had lots and lots of practice with babies before we even had our own. 

 That's me napping with Camryn. 
It's been a lot of years since I have fallen asleep with a baby.

 Here is mommy Michelle.  Jordan wasn't able to make it up this time, but the three of them are coming back in August for a good long visit. Cannot wait!

This little girl is a real combo of her mommy and daddy. 
Nose: Michelle
Eyes: Michelle, I think.
Eye color: Blue
Mouth: Jordan
Cheeks and chin: Jordan
Skin coloring: Michelle and Jordan
Hair color: Michelle and Jordan when he was a baby and little boy.
At least that is what we see for now.

 Michelle doesn't have many pictures with Camryn so we took lots. 

 Michelle LOVES being a mommy!

 Every grandchild has to have a bath in grandma's sink right?  
It was a little tricky since Camryn doesn't sit up yet.  

 Oh, looky here, Brad is holding up little baby shoes because.......

 He and Kelly are having a baby boy in December!
Can you even believe it?  
2014 bookend babies.
Baby Girl in January 2014 and Baby Boy in December 2014.
 Yah, I know.  We made sure no cars were coming either way and the neighbors weren't outside and the horses were far away.  
Brad loves to shoot gophers, but then don't we all.

 Guess were Mark and I are going with this happy little couple in September?
A cruise to Alaska!  This is the only cruise I have ever wanted to go on. Can't wait!

 We bought a couple of inflatable kayaks this summer and we love them. 
From car to shore in 10 minutes. 

 Hey Kelly!

Love taking my camera wherever I go whether it's my big one or my little one.
You never know when you might need to take a picture of my feet at the end of a kayak. 

Next post is Neal's graduation!