Thursday, August 21, 2014

Canada Day

I decided at the beginning of summer that I wanted to do a hike a week.  I figured if I aimed high I would at least do two a month, but then that sounded like hardly anything at all so I aimed for one hike a week.  My big hope for the summer was to hike to Crypt Lake. 

Lou Lou and Chris drove out to these parts on Canada Day (July 1st) to do a hike & some kayaking and the weather was PERFECTOMUNDO!

We decided to hike to Forum Falls which really is not that big of a hike, but a hike is a hike right? Half way on the trail you cross into BC. 

I caught these two taking a couple selfie which I do a lot of although I don't post that many because most selfies are not that great right? I just don't think my arm is long enough to be a really good selfie  taker. 

Actually, this one turned out ok, but this was probably one of 10 taken. 

Yep, that is snow. These guys started throwing snowballs at us while we were busy posing.  

This is what I do when I see snow.  

I mean really!  Come. On! 

Cameron Lake was spectacular.  Total blue skies and green on the mountains with some snow for contrast.  Mark and I have taken our kayaks out quite a few times and the lakes have been superb. 
Kind of heavenly actually.
Mark got a fishing license this year for the park so he has enjoyed casting while I paddle. 

That is an iceberg, cool huh? Mark grabbed some snow for me and it was delicious. I love crushed ice so this was almost romantic. 
It looks like I caught Lou Lou with her hand in the cookie jar.  Nope, just a bag of trail mix .  Maybe she is only grabbing the M&M's which in this case would be like sneaking into the cookie jar. 
She SUPER loves M&M's. 

From one end of the lake to the other heading back to the docks. 
When Mark went to China in February he had to almost pinch himself and that is how I feel when the stars line up during a visit to Waterton.  

The ending of a perfect day in Waterton.  


Marilou said...

Perfect day is right! And yes, I was grabbing the m&m's!
And that was "almost" romantic of Mark to get the chunk or snow for you off of the iceberg. ❤️

Christie Hunter said...

What beautiful scenery and summer weather you have! Can't beat it! The sky and lake look pristine blue. What a fun way to spend the summer....makes up for the long winter, huh? Those mountains are enormous! Mark went to China?? Would love to see a post on that!

Dixie Dee said...

Smooth water in Waterton is always "Heavenly!" So glad you and the gang had a perfect day in Waterton! Great photos and I hope you got all the the hikes in this year! You have a great goal!!