Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Crypt Lake Hike

Hands down one of the funnest hikes ever.  This was THE hike I wanted to do this summer and if it was going to happen it was going to have to be when Michelle and Jordan were here visiting.  Last summer was an eye opener for Jordan as far as Waterton was concerned. After taking him on Bear's Hump and Bertha Falls he was sold on how cool Waterton was.
 I just knew he would be up for Crypt this summer.

Just the four of us went.  Actually, Jodi Skinner (a cousin of Neal's and niece of Mark and daughter of Pam who is Mark's sister) and her family went too.  They were up from Logan and had planned to do this hike so I thought it would be fun to join them.  

We caught the boat from the dock at 9am to get dropped off at the trail head. It was a 15 minute boat ride.  Oh, it was also 20 bucks, but it was part of the adventure for sure. 

I mean really.  Look at that scenery.  The weather was perfectly spectacular!

The hike was 10.8 miles round trip with an elevation gain of over 2,200 feet which means it was uphill the whole entire time.  You first hiked through a forest area for a mile or so, maybe more, with a lot of switchbacks then continued on into more open areas. 

Our first sit down break.  Here is Caden and Neal. They are 2nd cousins once removed?  Caden is Jody's son. Remember Jody is Neal's first cousin. Anyway, Caden is leaving for his mission in a few days to Peru.  

Waterton Lake

 Burnt Falls 
This is one of three waterfalls you see along the hike.                                  

Jodi and Brett with three of their kids. 

Crypt Falls

Here we are really close to where the real adventure starts.  And I mean adventure! 
I'm not just-a-whistlin-dixie, no siree.
See that little itty bitty white dot in the center of the picture on your rightt?  Yah, that is a person and that is where we are headed.

Mark wanted to take a picture of me, which ended up being a few too many so I started posing.  
He stopped. 
 He had a funny app or something on his phone so his photos look antique-y. 

Here you can see the trail leading to the dark opening of the tunnel. 
Yah, a tunnel right through the rock. Crazy I tell you.

This is the trail heading towards the tunnel and the photo on your right is me at the tunnel opening waiting for Mark. 

We are closer now and if you look really hard you can see the metal ladder you climb to get into the tunnel. 

Yours truly!

Mark and Neal. 

The picture on the left is the opening and the picture  
on your right is the other end of the tunnel. Its about 50 feet long. You have to crouch down. It was cool. Really super duper cool!

This is the view when you exit the tunnel. 
"where's waldo"?  Oh, there he is. (a visitor from Germany)
Crypt Falls is looking not so high up now is it? 

Ok, after going through the tunnel you scale the side of the mountain while holding onto cables.
Yah, I told you. This was a real adventure. 

Yep, had to stop to take a picture of this wild flower.  I wish I knew the name of this, but this flower is not listed in my flower twitcher chart. There is a yellow one that looks pretty similar and that is called  the Common Stonecrop, so maybe, just maybe this one is just a different color. 

Hey there Jordan, we did! 

And here she is, Crypt Lake, one of the best hikes in Waterton/Canadian Rockies according to everyone who hikes it.
The far side of the lake is in the USA. 

Mark was sleeping/resting so I had to take my own picture. 

Tunnel time again.

Heading back home after our hour long lunch break.  
I really don't think we could have had a better weather day. 

Those pink flowers were all over the hillsides and are called Common Fireweed.

I can't find a name for this lake, but it was really pretty.  
The mountain behind it is called Mount Boswell. 
This lake reminded me of the Glory Hole in Lincoln, MT. 

Neal decided to not take the trail, but to scale/slide down the shale. 

Neal pointed out that the barbed wire on this tree is for the bears.  The bears will scratch the tree and leave some hair behind on the wire so the scientists can study the fur. 
He probably learned that on his scout camp last month to one of the most coveted hiking areas in Glacier Park while on horse back for three days no less. 

K, I'm not sure where I got all my energy for this hike, but I loved it!  I just motored most of the time.  I really did surprise myself. Neal and Jordan needed a break. Jordan's knee was bothering him so I get it. Neal was just plain pooped out from being a growing boy. I have to admit that by the time I was at the end of the trail I was really glad to sit down.  Going a steady downhill for over 5 miles is a little wearing on you. 

We hiked Crypt! 
 I had heard about the tunnel and the cables and to tell you the truth I was a little apprehensive about doing this hike.  I knew I could do it, but until you really do hike it you don't know know. Well, now I know know. 
The boat to take us back was right on schedule.  If you missed this boat at 4:00 pm you could always wait and catch the 5:30 boat and if you missed that one you were out of luck until the next morning. 

Within just a few minutes of being on the boat the clouds rolled in and it started raining.  Good thing we had our trusty Canadian windbreakers with us. 
So long to my favorite hike of all time. 
Next year I would like to hike Old Chief. 


Marilou said...

That really was quite the hike! Looked and sounded perfect!

Chief Mountain 2015 huh? You really are hooked on hiking! Hey, that would make a great shirt!

Christie Hunter said...

That was just wayyyyyyyy too cool of a hike! Loved this post. What fun and beautiful scenery!