Friday, August 29, 2014

Dock Fun

We have visited Waterton quite a bit this year. When you have a yearly pass and live so close it's a great "go to" place most anytime, morning, noon or night.  I have yet to do a morning Bear's Hump hike, but there is still lots of time. I couldn't quite manage that outing when the kids were home. 

Brad, Kelly and Clark weren't able to make it up the same time as the girls this summer, but next year for sure!
I think next year we will definitely need to have a Mark Cahoon Family Reunion!

Yep, Laurel is playing the harmonica. She would make her Grandpa Cahoon proud for sure and if she  learned how to play the accordion like he used to, she would for sure-hands down become the favorite around the Cahoon Clan. 

Michelle loves being a mommy!

Sawyer, Camryn and Bridge

These guys are about 6 weeks apart. 

Neal loves his baby Camryn and Camryn loves her uncle Neal.

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