Saturday, August 30, 2014

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Laurel!

I just thought I would do a post with pictures from this past year since Laurel was on her mission last year at this time. 
These are very random pictures just so you know, but i wanted to have a picture with each of the family separately, so here goes. 

 Laurel just loves her dad cuz he is the best dad! 

Laurel loves me, her mom, cuz she has fun with me.

See?  Aren't we fun?  She took me to the SLC cemetery to look at headstones and this is what we did!
Selfies. Who does that right? We do!

If Laurel wants a deep discussion on most any topic her big brother Clark is the go-to guy. 

Brad is just a big teddy bear. 

Michelle and Laurel LOVE doing their nails together! 

 Ah Nealster! 
He really did miss his big sister! 

Laurel and Camryn.
LOVE this picture! 

Happy Birthday pretty Laurel!
Your momma loves you! 


Christie Hunter said...

You and Laurel are so cute!! That Laurel is a knockout. You'd better start getting ready for another wedding. It won't be long before she's gonna tie the knot!

MLH said...

Love that girl!