Saturday, August 23, 2014

Leavitt Ladies Ride Again!

Last summer the Leavitt Ladies didn't do a ride which was kinda dumb.  There were tons of days so I'm not sure why it didn't happen. This year (July 28th) we just had to make it happen.  
We decided to go to Twin Lakes in Waterton. 

You start out at Red Rock then go go go uphill (1,492 feet elevation gain) and 7 miles to the two  alpine lakes. I was really glad I was on a horse. 7 miles one way is kind of a lot of miles when you are walking. Not that I can't do it, just saying that a horse is a great way to do it.   

  Super fun group! 
Shauna, Hali, Kaylynn, me, Becca and her mom, Colynda. 
Dixie was the picture taker for this photo and nice enough to lend me Shasta for the day.

Looks like Colynda is trying to carry on a conversation with Hali while reaching for the jerky. 

The weather was a little cloudy and cool when we started which the horses like better and if they could talk they would tell us that.   When it gets hot the flies bother them which makes a busy ride and that is exactly what happened. 
Ears flitting, heads moving, tails swishing, legs trying to swat the flies.....just pure busyness.

BTW....I definitely know and realize how lucky I am to live here and do such fun and adventuresome things with good people. 
I totally do!
I took my big camera which was not a good idea at all.  It was heavy and cumbersome, but now I know to never bring it on rides and to just use my sweet point and shoot. 
This picture is blurry where it would have been much better with my small camera. 
Bigger is not always better. 

I think hitching posts are cool and fun and western-y. 

 Yah, look at that lens.  SO not cool that I took it on the ride.

Lunch time at Twin Lake one. 

Picture time at Twin Lake one. 
(self timers are great when you know how to use them)

Beargrass at Twin Lake two. 

Snow at Twin Lake two.  
Oh, and Kaylynn, Becca and Dixie too. 

Bye Kaylynn, it's been a fun day! 


Dixie Dee said...

Fun post! Love the mountains in the summer! I really like the picture of the horses on the hitchin' rail! Love the Leavitt Ladies Riders! Let's go again soon!

Marilou said...

Another nice Leavitt Lady ride!