Sunday, August 31, 2014

Small Cahoon Gathering

You would think that after 33 years of marriage I would never be surprised at the amount of Cahoons there are. Let me give you some numbers.  I don't think I will be spot on, but close.
Let me get a paper and pencil out.
Got it all figured out.
Joyce and Lervae have 214 posterity with 3 on the way that I know of. 
This was not a Cahoon Reunion year, but when a handful get together it far exceeds my Hatch numbers.

Joyce turns 91 in September.

Three generation picture and don't ask me why we forgot to get a four generation with Mark.
Oh yah, we forgot.

K, so as I was saying about Cahoon get-togethers, they get big.  Pam and Gary along with Jodi and Brett and their family were up visiting from Utah along with Renny and they wanted to have a potluck.  Kathy and Carson came and then some of Bruce's family came and then Georges' and Karen's and ours and some of just seems to go on and on sometimes. 
I think we had more than 1/3 of the family come. Look at all those cars for just a sort of 
last minute-ish potluck.

People here...

People there...and in the kitchen..

People everywhere.

There was tons of food and it looks like Mark is carrying on the tradition of making cones for everyone.

Becca makes baby bracelets. Here she is showing them to her cousins. 

Here is her Facebook page if you want to check it out online. 

Aunt Edna and her daughter and husband came too.  Edna just turned 95 and she is as keen as they come. She is perfect just like Joyce. It's true! 

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Christie Hunter said...

It's amazing how good Joyce and Edna look!!! Those cars make it look like a car lot. ;)