Thursday, September 4, 2014

Creek Time

My kids love the creek! We have had to find new creek spots to go to and nothing will never ever ever compare to "27" which is a sad thing, but at least creeks go on and on and wind here and there.  The trick is to find one where we are welcome. 

Cousin Seth came to Leavitt for the day to hang out with his cousins and it was fun to have hem join us.  Anytime Seth, anytime. 
We didn't have any luck fishing, but just sitting and enjoying the outdoors is enough for us.  
The summers are way too short here so you gotta do it while the sun shines. 



Yep, Camryn loves the water alright, especially when her grandma takes her in. 
It's kind of a tradition. 

Sister time on the creek. 

Look, not a cloud in the sky! 

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Marilou said...

Creek time is the best time!